Allies For Every Child Sends Nearly 400 Families Weekly SMS Event Reminders

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Learn how Rebecca and her team at Allies For Every Child have signed up nearly 400 families to receive text message event updates regularly.

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Allies for Every Child (Allies) exists to bring together and strengthen families, cultivating conditions for children to succeed in life.

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The team at Allies For Every Child needed a way to share information about upcoming events as well as collect contact information from new event attendees.

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Rebecca and her team have signed up nearly 400 families to receive text message event updates regularly.

Rebecca Saltsman and her team at Allies For Every Child went through several text marketing providers before they landed on SimpleTexting.

They wanted a straightforward solution that could connect their organization with as many families as possible. 

And from the moment they effortlessly connected with our support team, it was love at first text. 

Learn how their team quickly learned the new platform and made it possible to seamlessly communicate with families from a variety of backgrounds through the power of mobile technology. 

How Allies Signed Up Nearly 400 Families To Their Subscriber List 

Rebecca’s team works with families from a variety of backgrounds that are faced with poverty and other barriers to success. 

From yoga classes to children’s storytime, the events they put on for their community are essential tools for strengthening family and community bonds throughout the greater L.A. area. 

Rebecca needed a way to keep their hundreds of families in the loop consistently with their calendar.  

They started by reaching out to the parents at their early childhood education center to ask permission to text them. From there, they added a checkbox to their new parent sign-up form to automatically add new contacts on an ongoing basis. 

Success at the early education center inspired them to offer sign-up sheets at all their event check ins. Rebecca also includes sign-up information in all flyers and newsletters.

Soon enough, the word got around and parents began emailing and calling Rebecca asking for more information on how to join their text message program!

“Not everyone checks a newsletter, but people are still actively looking for information,” notes Rebecca. “I find that texting reaches more people. And when the goal is to get more people signed up and out to events, it just gets done with texting.”

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Text-Enabling Community Events

Even during COVID, Allies has been hosting virtual events weekly. What started as a few event reminder texts a month has evolved into Rebecca sending messages to her families up two times every week!

“I found that if email people way in advance for something they have to RSVP for, like our free Saturday produce and lunch drive thru, we don’t hear much back. But, we have 50 or so RSVPs when I send a text a day or two before.”

Rebecca chalks it up to how personal and casual texting is. 

“People just want to talk to you the same way you’d communicate with your family.”

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Be sure to RSVP to receive lunches and snacks for the week!

When it comes to getting the word out through texting, Rebecca has just one word for it: easy. 

"Texting has made a big difference for us. It’s made it a lot easier for me to get the word out there. It’s easy to add a contact, it’s easy to import, it’s easy to send a text."
Rebecca Saltsman
Rebecca Saltsman

Community Outreach Manager

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