How Eu Natural Earned a 563% ROI With One SMS Campaign

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See how one of Amazon's top supplement brands drives sales and connects with customers through their text marketing program.

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Eu Natural is an herbal supplement provider that creates powerful blends of herbs, vitamins, and minerals, each formulated to promote the best in health.

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The Eu Natural team was looking to drive additional sales and create long-term customers after their initial purchase or offer redemption.

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Their first text-enabled sales campaign yielded a 563% marketing ROI!

When Vinay originally started Eu Natural, he wanted to share his sleep aid with others struggling to get a good night’s rest. Fast forward eight years and the brand has grown to include 23 different products that support everything from gut health to immune support.

It’s worth noting his growth comes at an incredible time in the e-commerce health and wellness industry.

The worth of the global digital health market is expected to reach $418 billion by 2020 with natural health products dominating the searches. 2019 saw the highest overall dietary supplement usage to date with over 77% of Americans consuming at least one supplement.

But with growth comes competition. So how does Eu Natural’s growth team stay ahead of the curve? Among their arsenal of tools—SMS marketing.

How SMS Offers Bring New Customers Into The Eu Natural Ecosystem

For the growth team, it’s all about giving customers a chance to try Eu Natural products and see the benefits for themselves. So, when they made the choice to text-enable the brand, the first thing they did was create an exclusive customer keyword.

The offer was simple, text in the keyword, get a free bonus bottle with purchase. Customers can use that bonus bottle for themselves, to share with friends or family, or even to try something new! But after a few months of running the offer, one thing was clear—once folks get their hands on these supplements, they start coming back for more.

This began to bring more and more customers into the Eu Natural ecosystem, which not only increased sales, but brought the team closer to their customers.

In addition to the free bottle promotion, SMS has proved useful for time-sensitive offers within hot e-commerce sales periods like Black Friday.

The Eu Natural 2019 Black Friday campaign alone had about a 563% ROI, a figure above the 5:1 sweet spot recommended for marketing ROI.

How to Drive Sales Through Automation

Of course, messaging every customer who makes a purchase, either through their website or Amazon page, would be a full-time job. But with autoresponders, it’s as simple as writing one message.

Autoresponders are a series of automatic messages that each subscriber receives after joining your list. The growth team set up a message that sends automatically when the free bottle keyword is texted in with a thank you note and instructions on how to redeem the offer.

“It’s a pretty high conversion rate from the text message over to our website. Pretty much everyone goes over to the website to claim their gift,” notes Vinay. “From there on we have a sales funnel where we engage with customers and get to know them even better.”

Building an SMS Customer Inner Circle

Now that Eu Natural has been texting with customers for a few months, the opportunity to strengthen the bond between the two is exactly what the growth team plans to do.

Just last month Eu Natural began their exclusive inner circle group. Here, the top customers and long-time supporters unlock access to messages specific to them.

“This inner circle group is really an exclusive community where we start to communicate with customers directly. It’s a small list, and we’re leveraging the platform to collect their feedback and find out what they really want to see from us.”

Of course, being a member of the Eu Natural inner circle comes with perks. “When we launch a new product they’re the first ones to find out. They might get a special discount or even a free product!”

The desire to have their messages actually reach customers is one of the main reasons Eu Natural adopted text marketing into their strategy.

"One of the issues we had is that email deliverability is dropping and customers sometimes don’t even see the message. So we were able to use SimpleTexting to reach out and make sure that these customers actually get the message."

Founder, Eu Natural

Why Eu Natural Continues to Choose SimpleTexting

Before the head of marketing jumped into just any text marketing platform, he was sure to do his research.

“SimpleTexting seemed like a great fit. We demoed the platform, played around with it, and really liked the interface. We liked how easy it was to customize campaigns, the autoresponders were easy to use, and just the UI of your platform was very strong compared to what we saw with competitors.”

And as SimpleTexting continues to grow and evolve, Eu Natural consistently finds value in the seamless connection between e-commerce and SMS. Four years after implementing, the team is still effectively creating SMS campaigns in just a few clicks, and driving sales through straight-forward automation.

If you’re an e-commerce retailer who wants to try text marketing, be sure to sign up for a free trial or schedule a demo today! Because if Vinay has taught us anything, it’s that there’s no limit to what you can make text marketing do for you.

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