How Rimpy Sahota Uses Texts To Dominate The E-Commerce Space

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Learn how Rimpy Sahota has built a fashion e-commerce empire by texting her customers and keeping them engaged throughout the sales funnel.

Welcome to Rimpy Sahota! A Canadian womenswear line made by women, for women. CEO and Founder Rimpy Sahota began exploring her vision and passion for fashion design after years of working in the forecasting and buying industry for some of the top brands in the fashion world.

But what was lacking in the industry Rimpy decided to bring to her own brand: a focus on eco-conscious fashion designed to last, and a design philosophy that all bodies are beautiful.

Texting isn’t a new concept in the e-commerce industry, but brands like Rimpy’s are using it in new and engaging ways specific to their customers needs.

Now a wildly iconic e-commerce boutique, Rimpy’s namesake brand takes into account all sizes, from the extra small to the extra large, and features a collection with over 70% of the designs versatile enough to be worn all year-round!

Since its inception, her brand has grown from a small business to a well-oiled e-commerce machine that not only manufactures stunning garments, but employs both local and immigrant women who, thanks to the stable and nurturing work environment, can now comfortably work at home while providing for their families.

So, when Rimpy isn’t busy making the world a more beautiful place, literally, she’s connecting with her customers as often as she can. Over the last year, the way she’s chosen to do that has been through text marketing.

Changing Fast Fashion One Text At A Time— Literally

Rimpy’s introduction to text marketing came thanks to some help from a third-party data specialist she brought on to assess her current marketing strategy. He reviewed the way she and her team were managing customer information and sought out opportunities for them to connect on a more impactful way.

“When the [data] specialist reviewed our work he noticed we had collected so much customer info, he said it would be a no brainer to start sending texts,” notes Rimpy. “SimpleTexting has since been a great app that we’ve used now for over a year and we continue to find it to be really with the times. We’ve come to see that it’s so important to have a texting app.”

And if anyone would know of the importance of the application, it’s Rimpy.

She was actually texting with customers long before SimpleTexting came into the equation. But instead of using a text marketing platform, she was manually messaging each client from a personal work cellphone.

“Texting manually was a mess. The clients loved hearing about events, popups, and sales, but it was just so time-consuming. I thought to myself, there has to be an app for this.”

And lucky for Rimpy, there was!

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Find What Works And Stick To It

Although she wouldn’t necessarily consider herself to be tech-savvy, Rimpy started to get the hang of the platform after a few uses. The real challenge came as she practiced, through trial and error, to find out what kind of messages really stuck with her audience.

Her typical client is female, in their mid 30’s and above, who are fairly fashion oriented and love to be looped into the latest trends and deals.

She began by sending mostly promotional messages with discounts or flash sales, but over time they began to lose their luster. However, Rimpy found that the more she combined the offers with cute quotes or inspirational quips, her engagement rates really spiked!

She attributes this success to really playing up the power of emotional and personal messages that texting makes possible. The urgency she can create through a text helps her clients to really feel like they need it.

“I always like to think of the ‘why.’ I’m sending these messages to drive sales, but why would my customer click on the link? Including their ‘why’ in the message is what makes it click.”

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The Best Things About Texting With Customers

Everyone likes making more money, but aside from driving sales, we asked Rimpy what her favorite thing about texting with her customers was. While she admits the ease of sending a message to 800 people in one go is pretty great, it’s really the personal touches that make this platform a must for her.

While she’s actively marketing through email and social media, she notes that with texting everything about the promotion feels more personal.

With the ability to track who clicks on her campaign links to the website, she can really soak in these effects in real time!

Rimpy and her team now use the platform to drum up enthusiasm over brand-related events, new releases, and the occasional exclusive sale. And as their subscriber list continues to grow, we’re sure that there’s one thing that will never change— Rimpy’s ability to make every woman feel beautiful and powerful!

We’re proud to work with Rimpy and her brand as they continue to communicate the importance of sustainable fashion and celebrating every body as beautiful!

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