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Say Hello to Link Tracking Like Never Before

Our link tracking feature is more powerful than ever. Find out how you can create smarter segments and more effective campaigns with unique link tracking.

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If there’s one thing you can do to ensure your texts are effective, it’s to make them relevant. That’s why we’re always working on new ways to help you collect useful info about your audience. After all, when you know who you’re texting, it’s easier to send messages that matter. Our new unique link tracking feature gives you deeper insight into your subscribers.

What’s Unique Link Tracking?

With unique link tracking, you can segment your subscribers based on who clicked on a particular link in a campaign, and who didn’t. Now you can send your subscribers autoresponders based on their behavior. Create an autoresponder for those who clicked, and those who didn’t.

How to Take Advantage of Unqiue Link Tracking

Let’s walk through an example. Say you’re a real estate agent. You use text messages to send buyers links to new listings in their area. Some of these buyers may not be clicking on your links at all! Now you can add these subscribers to a segment and exclude them from your next campaign. This will save you credits and make sure you’re only sending texts to those are still interested.

Don’t stop there. Find out why they’re not clicking on your links, too. Create an autoresponder that sends out to the segment who didn’t click asking for more information. Perhaps their search criteria have changed, or they’re no longer in the market.

Today 5:00 PM
Hi Amy, I’d love to make sure I’m only sending you links you’re interested in. Are you still searching for an apartment in Brooklyn?

Today 5:03 PM
I’m actually looking for for something in Astoria now.

You can also use this feature to encourage users to go further down the purchasing funnel. Create an autoresponder that sends out to the segment who clicked with info about the next open house.

Yesterday 1:00 PM
Hi Steve, there’s a new listing in Dumbo that matches your search criteria:

Today 1:32 PM
Are you interested in scheduling a showing? There’s an open house this week.

Of course, these are just a few examples of how this new feature can be applied. Unique link tracking and segmented drip campaigns have use cases in nearly every industry! Head to our help center for a step-by-step guide on how to set up segments based on unique link tracking.

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