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How to Introduce Yourself In a Text Message

Want to perfect your professional first impression? Learn how to introduce yourself in a text message with these tips and examples.

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Introducing yourself by text message is hard. 

You’re being asked to sum up who you are and why you’re texting someone—all within a 160 character limit (MMS messages allow up to 1,600).

You have to sell yourself too: after reading your text, the recipient needs to know why they should bother replying.

There’s a knack to it. It’s one that we’ve mastered, having helped thousands of professionals send their first text. The good news is that we’re going to share our formula here.

Whether you’re a recruiter reaching out to a potential candidate or an insurance agent following up with new leads, the four tips below can help you write the perfect text message introduction.

Read through them and you’ll make a great first impression. Feeling lazy? Then scroll to the end and grab one of our templates.

What Is an Introduction Text?

An introduction text is simply a text you send to start off a text conversation. Whether you’re texting a customer, colleague, or coworker, setting the proper tone for your interactions right away is important.

The best introductory texts open the door to a new business opportunity or relationship, so writing a great one can be a valuable skill. 

Now that we have a grip on why introduction texts are useful, let’s look at how to write one.

How to Introduce Yourself on Text MessageーTips

Writing a great introduction text is as simple as putting together the right building blocks. You need to know which information to put in….and what to leave out. 

Include a Text Message Signature

One of the best ways to craft a professional text is to include a signature.

Just like in an email, a text message signature generally tells your contacts who you are, what your job title is, any credentials you have, and the name of your company. 

That’s the usual recipe for a text signature, but there’s room to be creative. You can include your company’s slogan, extra contact information for you, or even your business hours. 

For a little inspiration, check out these text signature examples

Keep it Short and to the Point

The only really important rule to follow when writing a text message introduction is to keep it focused. This isn’t the time to chat about the weatherーget the point across in as few words as possible.

Consider this example:

Hi Martha! It’s Joan Newsom from the Las Vegas Realtor Conference. It was so great to connectーare you still interested in referrals?

This message includes a polite greeting, the name of the sender, how the two connected, and a direct question that explains why the recipient is getting the text in the first place.

Include Action Steps

When you send an introduction text, be sure you don’t just introduce yourself and leave your contact unsure about what to do next. 

Include a call to action or question that prompts a response, like, “Visit my calendar and choose a meeting time,” or, “Are you still available for a consultation?” 

This keeps the interaction moving and gives your contact a clear next step to follow.

Keep Your Tone Conversational

Even though you’re sending your text in a business context, there’s no need to be too formal or stuffy. 

Keep your tone friendly and conversational. One of the biggest reasons texting is currently so popular is that it’s an intimate way to communicate. So, you’ll want to sound like a normal person in your messages.

You can even include emojis for a little varietyーthey’ll make you sound even more approachable and personable.

With these tips in mind, we’ll give you a few templates you can use to start writing your own introduction texts. 

Sample Introduction Text Messages

Use these sample introduction text messages to start productive, successful conversations with your business contacts.

New client introduction

When you’re introducing yourself to a new client, give them a friendly hello and an option to set up your next meeting.

Today 11:30 AM
Hi John! I’m Steve, COO of PJP & Co. Let’s hop on a call this week and talk about your vending needs. Visit my calendar at [link].

Team communication

You work closely with your team. If you’re working with a new group of coworkers or employees, reaching out with a conversational introduction can help you get established.

Today 9:15 AM
Hey teamーI’m Stacy, your new marketing manager. Will you please reply with your RSVP for this week’s luncheon? I can’t wait to meet you!

Sales conversation 

Reaching out personally to make your sales is a great way to keep your clients coming back in the long term. Your customers will love the personalized attention.

Today 10:45 AM
Hi Jerry, it’s Lisa Newlin from Jones Jewelry. Great to connect last week. Will you tell me more about your dream engagement ring? 💍

Job interview invitation

When you interview a potential new employee, you want to come off as friendly and approachable. It’s also easy to send along a calendar link for quick scheduling.

Today 11:00 AM
Hello Taylor! It’s Jim Bailey, I’m the hiring manager at Newton Design. We’d like to interview you next week. Will you schedule a time at [link]?

The Wrap on Introduction Texts

The right introduction text can be a useful tool for developing great relationships and improving your response rate. 

Even better, they’re easy to write if you know what to include.

Since you’re now an expert on how to introduce yourself in a text message, let us help you put your skills to work. Get started with a 14-day trial of SimpleTexting一completely free.

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