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Integrate Follow Up Boss with SimpleTexting

Automate texts to leads and close deals with Follow Up Boss and SimpleTexting.

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What is Follow Up Boss?

Follow Up Boss is more than your average real estate customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

It offers real estate agents the option to nurture leads, set up deals, and even organize both team members and subscribers by data within one central account. When you integrate Follow Up Boss with SimpleTexting, you can set up comprehensive client profiles with more data and automate texts based on subscriber behavior and deal stages.

Popular Use Cases for Follow Up Boss and SimpleTexting

Curious what you can do with Follow Up Boss and SimpleTexting combined? The sky’s the limit, but here are a few examples.

Nurture Leads

Keep prospects and leads interested from first contact with well-timed follow-up messages, reminders, and confirmation messages.

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns allow you to automate a series of messages to every new subscriber in seconds so you stay top-of-mind for your contacts with minimal effort.

One-on-One Communication

Great SMS strategies combine mass texts with individual, one-on-one interactions. Handle more personal questions and concerns easily through the inbox.

Use SimpleTexting to Input Data

Texts are an excellent way to gather important data from your subscribers. Once you have it, you can store it safely in your Follow Up Boss system to help you personalize future messages.

Organize Subscribers

No one wants to send the wrong text to the wrong contact. Keep your contacts organized into lists and smaller, more targeted segments so each subscriber only gets information relevant to them.

Keep Your Team Centralized

Texting should not be a one-person task. Add your employees and coworkers to your texting account as team members to share the work. You can even adjust their access based on their role.

What Else Can You Create With Follow Up Boss SMS?

You’ve seen some examples already, but to get the creativity flowing, here are a few more ideas for real estate marketing texts you can set up with Follow Up Boss. Visit Zapier for the full list.

When this happens in Follow Up Boss…Do this in SimpleTexting…
New AppointmentFires a message when a new appointment is added in Follow Up Boss
New ContactSends a message when a new contact is added
New dealTriggers a text when a new deal is created (or the deal stage is updated)

How Do I Get Started?

A few minutes now can save you hours later. Here’s how to connect the two apps in just a few easy steps.

  1. Sign up for a SimpleTexting account.
  2. Have Zapier set up.
  3. Add your team members to your account and assign roles and access.
  4. Set up any automated message series you have planned.
  5. Make sure incoming subscribers are sorted into the correct lists and categories.
  6. Monitor the inbox for new conversations and send out mass campaigns as needed.

Need more help? Check out our help center for easy-to-follow articles and videos.

Follow Up Boss SMS FAQs

What does Follow Up Boss do?

Follow Up Boss is a comprehensive operating system for real estate agents, with features to help agents organize, nurture, and close deals with clients.
No, technically Follow Up Boss is not only for real estate agents (since anyone can use it), but it is built specifically for real estate agents.
Follow Up Boss offers more than 1,500 integrations, including one with SimpleTexting!

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