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How to Get More Real Estate Listings

The market is buzzing with homes being bought and sold. We’ll teach you how to get real estate listings and stand out from your competitors.

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If you’re helping a client buy or sell a house right now, you know that properties are going on and off the market a million miles an hour.

According to the Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 763,000 new houses were sold in March 2022 alone, which is over 40% more than the new houses sold in October 2018.

For realtors, that kind of momentum is a dream come true–but only if you know how to take advantage of the opportunities in front of you. 

In this article, we’ll teach you how to work smarter and get more seller leads and real estate listings.

Target Expired Real Estate Listings

As a real estate agent, it’s tempting to go after the multitudes of new and current listings on the market, but you may be missing valuable opportunities if you do. 

Not every home on the market sells. Anthony Martin, founder of Choice Mutual, suggests checking your MLS for properties that have been withdrawn or listed but never sold. 

If you can locate some of these ads, consider approaching the owners about selling their homes.

As a bonus, other realtors are likely to overlook expired listings in favor of the newest ones in their neighborhood.

For a quick start, check out our guide to a perfect expired listing letter.

Use Local Hashtags

Social media, including Instagram and Facebook ads, is a great way to reach your immediate community, but have you ever used it to reach out a little further?

When the team at Texas Family Home Buyers posts on their social media, they use hashtags to reach audience demographics outside their own community. 

Source: Instagram

The team even uses hashtags to target their posts to specific viewers by income, hobbies, and other factors.

Send Text Message Follow-ups

This tip isn’t only about texting leads to get listings (although we obviously love texting and want you to use it). 

No, this tip is about timing. Houses come and go by the minute–literally–and it pays to follow up with leads instantly. 

One of our favorite things about SMS is the speed with which you can reach people, and we’re not the only ones. 

Tim Schroeder, owner of Learning Real Estate, suggests following up with new leads automatically, which ensures that you’re a client’s first pick for their listings.

We have a few ways you can easily get an automatic message out to your real estate leads, including:

P.S. This strategy brought one of our clients, Josh Barker Real Estate Advisors, massive success in generating leads.

Today 10:00 AM
This is Chase at Re/Max Real Estate Josh Barker’s Office. You inquired on some property for sale. Are you in the market to find a home?

Home Anniversary Texts

Speaking of follow-up texts, lightning-fast text messages are not the end-all, be-all of client communications.

Sometimes, the best texts are sent at strategic, data-supported moments. We recently heard from an industry expert who sends clients a Happy Home Anniversary text on their fifth or tenth anniversary after buying the property. 

Why those anniversaries? 

The numbers say that property owners are likely to consider selling their home after 5 (when the house appreciates in value enough to cover the costs of selling) or 10 years (the average homeowner tenure).

That makes these dates a perfect time to reach out to former clients or prospects to gauge their interest in listing.

Today 10:00 AM
Hi Leslie, happy 10 years in your home! Time flies, and your home has increased in value. If you’re beginning to think about selling, I’d love to help!

For bonus points, let your potential sellers know the current value of the home when talking to them after you reach out. 

They may be more interested in selling if there’s been a positive change to their property value.

Sponsor Community Events

One of the pitfalls that realtors commonly fall into is relentlessly pursuing listings through the usual real estate marketing and MLS channels and forgetting to think outside the box.

The fact is, you’ll attract more clients (and therefore more listings) if you brand yourself as an active and trusted part of your community.

Seasoned real estate investor Marina Vaamonde, of House Cashin, encourages community involvement in a few ways. 

Volunteer at local events. Sponsor charity events or food drives and let people see your face and get to know you and your business.

The more visible you are, the more new clients you’ll be able to attract.

The Wrap on Getting Real Estate Listings

In a busy market, the best way to get ahead is to innovate on traditional ideas like social media posts and networking. 

Taking a new approach to these methods will put you ahead of others in your industry and bring you more listings.

Ready to put texts to work in your search for listings? Try out SimpleTexting for 14 days, totally free. 

Lily Norton
Lily Norton

Lily Norton is a copywriter at SimpleTexting. She is focused on helping you connect and communicate with your audience with more ease and efficiency than ever through text messaging.

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