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How SimpleTexting Simplifies Text Marketing Compliance

How SimpleTexting Simplifies Text Marketing Compliance

We want you to focus on creating great campaigns, not worrying about regulations. Find out how we make complying with the regulations surrounding text marketing easy and automatic.


With text message marketing, compliance is a pretty big deal.

SMS compliance isn’t really all that complicated, but sometimes it can seem complicated—especially if you’re just getting started.

Here at SimpleTexting, we like to make things… simple for you. 🙂 That’s why we’ve taken steps to simplify the process when it comes to compliance.

Some background:

One of the requirements set in place by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the wireless trade association CTIA is that companies must follow certain rules when sending text message campaigns. These rules include:

  • Obtaining express written consent before sending promotional texts
  • Disclosing your identity, the message frequency, how to opt out, and how to get help
  • Noting that recipients could incur message and data charges

(Read more about the details of text marketing compliance in our Ultimate Guide to SMS Marketing.)

How SimpleTexting helps

To help our users get started as smoothly as possible, we built compliance right into our platform. Anytime a new user subscribes to one of your lists, we automatically send out the required disclosures in a free compliance text.

SimpleTexting is currently the only SMS marketing company that sends a free best practice compliance message as a separate standalone text. Other companies either don’t send out an automatic compliance message at all, or they include it within your auto-confirmation message, which means you get a lot less than 160 characters to welcome new subscribers.

Here’s an example of what a free compliance text from SimpleTexting looks like:

deepfriedoreos: The Cookie Company Alerts! Reply STOP to unsubscribe or HELP for help. 4 msgs per month, Msg&Data rates may apply.

In this example, we can see that The Cookie Company has informed everyone on its “deepfriedoreos” marketing list that they can expect to receive 4 messages every month. Of course, your compliance text will look a bit different based on your list name and company name. And if you want to send a different monthly message volume, you can easily change the message frequency in your account. But you get the idea.

The Cookie Company has also provided the traditional STOP and HELP reply options, which are themselves set up to trigger additional informational texts. For instance, if someone texted STOP after receiving that compliance text, they’d automatically get a response confirming opt-out. If someone texted HELP, they’d get a text with info about how to contact The Cookie Company for support.

Like the main compliance text, the STOP and HELP messages are also free. 🙂

And there you have it! With SimpleTexting, all of the above is set up by default, ready and waiting to help you stay in compliance. We’ve made it as simple as possible, because we want you to be able to focus on creating great campaigns and keeping your subscribers happy.

Well, that’s a wrap. It’s snack time. We’re thinking Oreos, of the deep-fried variety.

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