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Text-2-Vote Polling

Give your customers a voice

Everyone likes to know that their opinion matters, but very little attention is ever given to customer opinions. Change that by setting up a Text-2-Vote poll. You can let your customers vote to decide on your next special, variety, or theme. When customers know they have a stake in the decision, they’ll be more likely to stay engaged and keep supporting your business.

Gauge customer satisfaction

You can also use Text-2-Vote polls to get customer feedback in the form of a survey. Wondering how satisfied your customers are? Want to know how you can improve? You can ask quick survey questions via text to get instant results.

Using SimpleTexting’s Text-2-Vote feature

After logging in to SimpleTexting, navigate to Apps > Text-2-Vote Contests > Add contest to get started. Enter a name for your poll for your own reference, then select the keyword to initiate the polling. Customers will text this keyword to your short code in order to vote in the poll.

Type your question in the Poll Question area, and type out the choices customers can choose from in Answer Choices. In this section, separate the answers by a paragraph break—SimpleTexting will automatically assign a response value to each of the choices. After that, choose a response follow-up message and check the box to send the results to each participant. Click Save to activate your poll.

Note: Text-2-Vote is for getting new subscribers to your SMS list by way of polls/surveys. We have a similar feature called Polling Subscribers that works with existing customers who’ve already joined your list.

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