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Do You Send Links? Make Sure You’re Doing This

Did you know you can shorten your URLs directly within SimpleTexting? Learn how to save characters and track CTR in your next message.

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Every time you send a link without the help of our link tracker, you miss out on valuable information about the performance of your messages. The good news is, all you need to do is press one button to access helpful analytics! In this article, we’ll show you how.

What Is Link Tracking?

SimpleTexting has its own built-in URL shortener. If you’re unfamiliar, a URL shortener is just a tool that takes your full-length URL (which takes up a lot of valuable characters) and turns it into a shorter version.

A URL shortener takes this —>

and turns it into this —>

The same web page, only now the link looks much cleaner.

A URL shortener does more than just save you characters. It also gives you the ability to find out how many people did or didn’t click your link.

Why would you want to know your click-through rate?

For starters, it gives you insight into what material your audience engages with most. You can also use that data to further segment your audience. Split your contact list based on who did or didn’t click, then send follow-up texts based on their behavior!

💡SimpleTexting Tip: We’ve got some awesome ideas for things you can do with link tracking below. It may seem like a lot, but don’t be intimidated. Even if you don’t want to utilize the advanced features we suggest, we still encourage you to use the URL shortener. At the very least it will save you characters and give your messages a cleaner, more uniform appearance.

How To Enable Link Tracking

Step 1. Go to New Campaign on the left-hand panel. Give your message a name, and type your message.

Step 2. Copy and paste your link into the message body, and click the button that says Shorten URLs. Your link should now be wrapped in brackets with “url=” at the beginning. After you hit send, the link will be shortened.


💡SimpleTexting Tip: On your dashboard, the URL will still appear long, but don’t worry. Just look at the character count and it will reflect the number of characters taken up by the tiny link, and how many extra characters you have left.

You Shortened Your Link and Sent Your Message, Now What?

Now it’s time to find out how many people clicked your link. To check your click-through rate (CTR) simply:

  1. Click Analytics on the left-hand side of your dashboard, then scroll down to the bottom and view your campaigns.
  2. Head to the bottom of the page under Analytics. Once you’ve found the campaign you’d like to measure, scroll all the way to the right until you see the CTR column. There you’ll find the math already done for you!

If you want to take action and send follow-up messages based on click behavior, here’s what you’ll need to do:

Step 1. Go to your subscribers panel and click Add segment.

Step 2. Next, you’ll want to give your segment conditions. Click Add Criteria. Then, select Link from the first drop-down menu. You now have two options: clicked or not clicked. For this example, we’ll select clicked.

Step 3. Now you’ll need to select whether your link was sent from a campaign, autoresponder, or keyword. For this example, we’ll select a campaign.

Step 4. Finally, select the campaign and the link you want to track. Click Save segment and name your segment.

Once you’ve created your segment of people who clicked or didn’t, you can create additional messages for them. For example, you could create an automatic message to send to each segment a few days after the original message sends.

Just click Autoresponders from the navigation on the left. Then click New autoresponder. Compose your message and select your new segment from the drop-down menu.

Select the appropriate delay for your message. In this example, subscribers who clicked on the link will receive our autoresponder after one day.

That’s it! Now just click Save autoresponder. Your campaigns are officially way, way, smarter. And so are you!

Have any questions about link tracking? Just click the blue chat bubble in the corner of your screen. One of our team members can help you with whatever you (or your campaign) needs!

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