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Create an SMS pop-up with SimpleTexting in 4 easy steps

You only have a short window to turn website visitors into customers. Here’s how to boost your conversion rates using an SMS pop-up.

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When the average conversion rate for landing pages is just 2.35%, turning your website visitors into customers is a priority. 

One way you can do this quickly and effectively is by using a pop-up to collect phone numbers. 

Why phone numbers? Well, texts have a 98% open rate. It’s why SMS marketing is fast becoming the go-to communication channel.

Once website visitors have subscribed via your SMS pop-up, you can send offers, incentives, and surveys straight to their phones. 

And the best part is, adding an SMS pop-up to your website is easy. We’re going to show you how to create your own. 

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is the use of text messages to send out promotions, offers, and notifications to customers or clients.

SMS marketing is effective because it’s a direct channel to your customers. Unlike email, you have less competition for a customer’s attention and there’s no spam folder filtering out your messages.

Once customers have signed up to receive SMS marketing, you have complete control over their journey. From when they’ll receive marketing messages, to what’s included in each one. 

While text marketing statistics paint a picture of a highly effective channel, the biggest challenge is collecting subscribers.

The good news is that if you have a website, collecting phone numbers is a whole lot easier, thanks to SMS pop-ups. 

How does an SMS pop-up widget work?

Anybody who has attempted to convert website traffic understands it is no mean feat. 

An SMS pop-up is one of the most effective ways to convert a visitor into a customer through discounts, offers, and direct marketing. 

When visitors come to your website, your SMS pop-up will appear with an incentive to sign up for future texts. This could be a perk ‘Be the first to hear about our new Autumn/Winter Release!’ or an exclusive offer, ‘All new subscribers receive 15% off!’.

SMS pop-ups work by using keywords—a short word or phrase which, when sent to your phone number, will sign up your customers to the intended marketing messages. 

When somebody clicks on the widget button, your keyword and phone number will appear pre-filled, so a prospective subscriber only has to hit send to subscribe. 

The key here is to make the process as easy as possible for your website visitors.  

Using an SMS pop-up to advertise a 10% discount for subscribers, Toroe Eyewear generated an extra $7,028.01 in store revenue within 30 days. That’s 156x return on the cost of sending the texts. 

We also want to make sure that the process is easy for businesses. This is why you can create your own SMS pop-up using the four easy steps outlined below.

How to create an SMS pop-up for your website

Before we get started, you’ll need to create a SimpleTexting account. Don’t worry, the first 14 days are free, so you can try before you buy!

1. Pick your keyword

Choose a relevant keyword for your offer. Make sure it’s appropriate and memorable, as it will be the building block of your entire SMS marketing campaign.

Thank you for signing up! As a new subscriber, you can receive 15% off our chocolate selection this holiday season with the offer code XMASCHOC.

2. Choose your design

Once you’ve told us who you are and which number to share with your subscribers, we can start building the widget. To do this, head to our SMS pop-up builder here.

We have a range of templates for you to choose from. 

A set of SMS pop-up templates

3. Customize your SMS pop-up 

On the left-hand side, you have the option to customize and edit your design to align with your branding and messaging.

From button options to imagery, you can build a pop-up you know your customers will engage with.

The process of customizing your SMS pop-up
Previewing your SMS pop-up design

4. Preview and publish your SMS pop-up 

View your pop-up across different devices to ensure it’s consistent, then, it’s ready to go!  Save and publish it to grab the HTML code and add it to your site.

Finishing an SMS pop-up

It’s never been easier to create an SMS pop-up 

You only have a short timeframe to turn your website visitors into customers, and an SMS pop-up is the most effective way to build your subscriber list.

If you have any questions or would like extra support with your setup, you can always contact our customer support team using the messaging button in the right-hand corner. Otherwise, create your widget and then sit and watch your subscriber list grow.

Alice Dodd
Alice Dodd

Alice is a copywriter at SimpleTexting. When not teaching the world about the benefits of business texting, you can find her feeding family, friends and strangers with her latest baking experiment.

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