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How to send a message to YouTube subscribers

Whether you want to message subscribers individually or post publicly on Youtube, this article shows you how.

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If you have a following on YouTube, your subscribers care about you, your life, and your posting schedule.

Despite its place as the second most popular social media platform, YouTube lacks the ability to send and receive private messages.

Sometimes, all you need is a public posting space; when you want to share an update with everyone or encourage people to watch and like your latest videos.

However, there are times when this isn’t enough. Maybe you want to launch a competition for YouTube subscribers, or maybe you’ve noticed a dip in your views.

With the YouTube trending page being so hit and miss, we’re going to take a look at how to send private messages on YouTube to subscribers both privately and publicly.

How to post a message on Youtube for your subscribers

Private mass messages don’t exist on YouTube. To reach all of your subscribers, you’ll need to use the Community tab on your channel to post updates.

Take popular YouTuber, Philip DeFranco, for example. He utilizes the Community tab by hosting polls to keep his audience interactive. His posts enable subscribers to share their own thoughts and opinions, and like or dislike what he’s shared.

A community post on YouTube gathering survey feedback on COVID vaccines

Here’s how you can follow suit by updating your subscribers through the community tab.

1. Sign in to YouTube

Make sure that if you have multiple YouTube accounts you’re signed into the correct one.

2. Select create

In the top right corner of the screen, click on the camera icon with a + inside it. This will offer you the option to create a post, upload a video, or go live.

The Create button on YouTube

3. Create your message

Decide whether you want to share a message, create a poll, post a GIF, or link a video.

4. Post it!

Hit ‘post’ and share your update with subscribers. 

Sharing regular updates is an important way of nurturing your community. Sharing posts is a great way to keep subscribers informed and shows you care about their support.

But is sharing a post on the community tab the best way to reach subscribers? Probably not.

YouTube’s homepage is made up of recently released video content and videos the platform thinks you’ll enjoy. 

The community aspect takes a backseat, and many regular YouTube viewers don’t even realize it exists

For this reason, you should consider combining your YouTube public posting with a more direct approach.

How to message YouTube subscribers privately

Having a different, more direct channel to reach your subscribers will help to establish relationships and drive more views to your videos.

While you likely advertise new videos on social media too, you’re leaving views in the hands of the algorithm… and we all know Instagram still won’t allow linked URLs in its captions.

Instead, use the most direct method of communication accessible to you. One with a 98% open rate and that 97% of the US has access to.  If you haven’t guessed yet, we’re referring to SMS.

Will sending an SMS to subscribers actually work?

If you become text-enabled, you’re following in the footsteps of names like JLo, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Sir Paul McCartney.

Texting works because people want to hear from those they follow and subscribe to. Imagine going about your daily life, and a message from Jennifer Lopez herself pops up on your cell phone. Pretty cool, right?

Of course, it’s unlikely that Jennifer Lopez is using a text messaging platform alerting subscribers to her latest music video. However, ‘text JLo’ is a thing because her team recognized the power of SMS as a communication tool.

75% of millennials believe that a text message is the most convenient way to be notified of events, surveys, and offers.

How to get subscribers to text you

If you’ve realized the benefits of using SMS to contact your subscribers, you need to start by gathering their phone numbers.

It couldn’t be easier. Set yourself up with our 14-day free trial, which comes with a free keyword. 

Keywords are specific words decided by you. When a subscriber texts the keyword to your allocated number, they automatically subscribe to your text messages and are added to your contact list.

This short video shows you how easy it is. (We also have the steps outlined below.)

1. Create your Keyword

Choose a memorable keyword related to you and your channel, and create an auto-response message. 

This is the message your subscribers will receive when they’ve signed up to your text messages.

Creating a new keyword in SimpleTexting

2. Make sure to promote your Keyword

If you’ve followed our advice and created a keyword that’s easy to remember, you shouldn’t have any trouble promoting it.

You can add a card to your video on YouTube with a keyword or a link to a form to sign up. This article explains how to create a card.  

Of course, the easiest method to promote your keyword is to simply refer to it in your video at the beginning and end. 

There are plenty of other ways and places to promote your keyword. Here are some of our ideas:

  • Put it in the description box of your videos
  • Add it to your Instagram bio
  • Share it in your Instagram stories
  • Write it into your Instagram captions

3. Start texting!

When you’ve started collecting phone numbers, make sure to not leave it too long between texts. 

Your subscribers want to feel part of an exclusive community, and it’s important to remind them that they are. 

Send out promotions, let them know when to expect a video to drop, and share direct links to your videos. 

It’s never been easier to send a YouTube message to your subscribers

With public and private messaging available to you, keeping your subscribers in the loop has never been easier.

The YouTube world has never been more saturated, so don’t underestimate the power of promotion. Make sure your subscribers know when you’re posting a video, and encourage them to comment, like, and share it.

SMS is one of the best ways to share content with your audience, and reaching out to them will make them feel more involved in your community. It’s time to watch your YouTube channel grow.

Alice Dodd
Alice Dodd

Alice is a copywriter at SimpleTexting. When not teaching the world about the benefits of business texting, you can find her feeding family, friends and strangers with her latest baking experiment.

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