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The 7 best text messaging services for businesses

After hours of researching, I've short-listed the seven best small business texting services on the market, so you don't have to.

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When you’re tasked with finding an SMS app for your business, you have a lot of options to sift through. As I write this guide, the software review site G2 has 412 listings for SMS marketing software. And that doesn’t even cover all apps that count as texting tools.

With the help of real users, I found seven of the best text messaging services for business to reduce the overwhelm for you. Let’s find a good fit for your company.

How I decided on these business texting apps

The best app recommendations come from extensive knowledge and use. So, I chose these apps based on stories from users like you and their ratings from professionals across the internet. I also curated these options with a varied selection of strengths in mind so businesses with all sorts of goals can find the right tool.

The 7 best text messaging services for your business to try

Here are the seven top texting apps for businesses like yours:

  1. SimpleTexting
  2. OpenPhone
  3. EZTexting
  4. Attentive
  5. Google Voice
  6. SendPulse
  7. Podium

1. SimpleTexting: Straightforward and powerful texting

A screenshot of SimpleTexting’s campaign composer interface.
SimpleTexting’s campaign composer.

Let’s start with a familiar name – SimpleTexting. It offers everything you need to send bulk and one-on-one messages in an easy-to-use package. Thanks to its approachable interface, hundreds of integrations, and intuitive analytics, it’s one of the best text messaging services for small businesses. But, it can also scale up for users with advanced texting needs. 

Aiden Higgins of The Broke Backpacker vouches for SimpleTexting because of its affordable credits, integrations, and automation. For Aiden, it makes mass marketing campaigns simple to send.

Key features

  • Bulk and one-on-one messaging for every texting situation
  • Texting list signup options like text-to-join, text-to-vote, text-to-win, and web forms
  • Data collection for personalizing your marketing campaigns
  • Contact management with self-cleaning number lists
  • Flexible plans with rollover texting credits


SimpleTexting’s plans start at $39.99/month for 500 credits a month and three user seats and scale according to the number of credits and user seats you need every month.

Where to get it

Try SimpleTexting for free for 14 days here.

Download SimpleTexting for:

2. OpenPhone: A comprehensive phone service

A screenshot of OpenPhone’s interface including contacts, messages, and an incoming call.

OpenPhone offers text messages, calls, contact management, and multiple phone numbers in one platform for better communication. It could suit your business if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for team collaboration or smaller-scale communication with clients. Its native group messaging is limited to nine contacts at once, so it’s not a great fit for mass text marketing.

Many users brought up their preference for OpenPhone to me.’s Roman Milyushkevich considers it an ideal solution for startups because of its low price and unlimited calls and texts in North America. Dave Kerr from Merged Dental Marketing loves its location-based text scheduling and mobile app. Michael Chen of Notta can confirm OpenPhone’s stability after using it for over five years without any major technology failures.

Key features

  • Group and one-on-one messaging
  • Voice calls
  • Unique phone numbers for each user
  • Address book with customer info like role, phone, email, website, and lead status
  • Internal collaboration features for coordinating messages with customers


Pricing for OpenPhone begins at $15.00/user/month for unlimited calling and messaging in North America, with advanced plans starting at $23.00/user/month. Higher tiers include features like group calling and analytics.

Where to get it

Try OpenPhone for seven days by signing up here.

Download OpenPhone for:

3. EZTexting: Texting options for every business

EZ Texting’s inbox interface mocked up on a computer accompanied by an example text message mocked up on a mobile phone.

As its name implies, EZTexting aims to make texting easy with a simple interface and straightforward service. Out of all the apps on this list, it has the widest range of pricing options to fit all sorts of businesses.

EZTexting was another popular option among the users I talked to. Instrumentl’s Gauri Manglik appreciates its intuitive UI and selection of integrations. On top of also vouching for its integrations, Brian David Crane of Spread Great Ideas attests to EZTexting’s affordable plans. At OSHA Outreach Courses, Farhan Siraj counts on this tool for its accessible pricing and use.

Key features

  • One-on-one and bulk texting
  • Text campaigns
  • AI message authoring assistance
  • Text marketing features like keywords and web signup forms
  • Contact management, including segmentation
  • Text message analytics


EZTexting’s business texting plans start anywhere from $20.00 to $3000.00 a month depending on the message speed, cost, and delivery rate you want. Message cost varies by plan, with the Launch plan charging $0.027/message.

Where to get it

Give EZTexting’s starter Launch plan a shot for free for 14 days at this link.

Download EZTexting for:

EZTexting does not have an Android app.

4. Attentive: Large-scale, personalized texting

A text conversation conducted through Attentive displayed next to the discussed product’s page.

Attentive offers conversational SMS and email marketing features that optimize every step of the process. In exchange for robust personalization and customer conversion options, you’ll have to schedule a demo to learn more about pricing and expect to pay more compared to many apps.

The users who brought up Attentive to me like it because of its powerful AI and automations. Best Price Nutrition’s John Frigo appreciates that its AI composer can lend a hand on days when he’s not feeling so creative.

At Bybrand, Bernardo Castro relies on features like its AI composer, automated customer support, and suggested best times to send messages.

Key features

  • Personalized one-on-one and group messaging
  • Automated customer service messaging
  • Conversion-focused email marketing
  • AI message drafting and audience segmentation
  • Message analytics with customizable reports


Attentive does not openly share its pricing on its website. In this Flowmium blog post, Andriy Boychuk claims that according to his network, Attentive charges $300.00/month and $0.01 per message, plus carrier fees.

Where to get it

Attentive offers access to a free trial and account signup after you participate in a free demo. It doesn’t have a mobile app.

5. Google Voice: Budget-friendly texting and voice

Mockups of Google Voice’s interface on web and mobile.

At an affordable price, Google Voice delivers fundamental calling and texting features from a virtual number. Since it doesn’t have any bulk texting features, it’s another app that suits businesses that need smaller-scale communication.

While Google Voice is the most straightforward service on this list, users did point out a few of its versatile points. At Ling, a language app, Simon Bacher works with folks all over the world, making the app’s affordable international rates a huge plus.

Erik Pham from Health Canal vouches for Google Voice’s integrations with other Google Services that streamline communications and collaboration.

Key features

  • Unlimited texting and calling in the USA on all plans
  • Unlimited calls between two North American numbers or two European numbers on all plans
  • AI-powered voicemail transcription and spam blocking


Google Voice’s plans (as seen on its main page) start at $10.00/user/month and scale up for features like unlimited users and an auto attendant.

Where to get it

Google Voice doesn’t offer a free trial, but it has one of the most approachable monthly prices on this list.

Download Google Voice for:

6. SendPulse: Multi-channel messaging

SendPulse’s “New SMS Campaign” composer.

SendPulse has the most communication channels to choose from on this list. SMS is just one part of the tool’s offerings that include email, chatbots, LMS design, a CRM, and website management. It could work for your business if you have a large communications ecosystem that texting is just one part of.

Developer-minded users and users expecting an out-of-the-box solution can both appreciate SendPulse. According to Amy Kauffman of Let’s Tango, SendPulse is easy to integrate directly into web apps, and its API lets you adapt it to many use cases.

Meanwhile, Collen Clark from Schmidt & Clark finds it easy to use and set up in its native app.

Key features

  • Bulk text messaging campaigns
  • Drag-and-drop email marketing campaign designer
  • Sales automation
  • Customer relationship management
  • Website builder
  • Online course builder
  • Chatbot builder
  • Marketing pop-up windows


SendPulse allows for free account signup and use and charges by the message for SMS services. Pricing per message is location-based – for example, it costs $0.022 to send a message to the United States.

Where to get it

The lowest plan tier for SendPulse is free, so you’ll always have access to your account. New SMS users can send 10 test messages for free.

Download it for:

7. Podium: Versatile lead generation and communication

Podium’s SMS messaging interface.

Podium calls itself a “lead conversion platform” and encompasses SMS, review management, web chat, voice calls, and social media messaging. If you’re trying to get more leads through text messaging, this app could help you integrate it into the rest of your lead generation strategies.

While it leans toward client communication over team communication, Podium works well for both use cases. VentureSmarter’s Jon Morgan uses the platform to coordinate among team members and clients and boost brand reputation through reviews.

When Gert Kulla needed a tool to organize communication at RedBat.Agency, Podium made it easy to stay on top of client conversations. And the review platform certainly does its job, too – SEO consultant Blake Smith acquired over 100 reviews for a client through it.

Key features

  • One-on-one and bulk text messaging
  • Automatic replies to customers reaching out through third-party inquiries
  • Contact management integrated with other Podium features
  • Web chat
  • Voice calls
  • Social media messaging


Podium’s pricing plans start at $249.00/month for 1,000 contacts and up to three users.

Where to get it

Podium does not offer a free trial, but you can watch a demo at this link.

Download it for:

What’s the best SMS app for your business?

There’s no one-size-fits-all best tool for every business. As you browse the options in this guide, consider your:

  • Messaging needs: How many texts do you want to send every month, how often, and to whom?
  • Budget: How does your marketing or communications budget compare to the pricing the app offers? Remember to factor in number activation fees, carrier fees, international texting rates, and standard message rates.
  • Buy-in to text messaging: Do you already use text messaging in your business, or do you just want to try it out? Pay attention to the minimum commitment each tool requires.
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