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Texting Templates For College Admissions

More students than ever prefer texting to all other communication channels. Learn how your college admissions program can meet the demand.

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On average, college students spend 94 minutes per day texting.

Not only do young adults respond to information faster via text (the average open rate for text messages is 98% with an average response time of 90 seconds) but it’s also impacted their behaviors.

Numerous studies on the impact of texting on student behavior have pointed to the efficacy of the tool for teachers, administration, and admissions staff.

Even our own case study with the University of North Carolina’s orientation program demonstrated how text messaging can replicate a real-time conversation between staff and students.

If your college admissions board is on the fence on implementing a school text messaging system into your communications strategy, we’ve got some compelling templates and examples to help demonstrate the value you can receive from the addition.

Texting in Higher Education

As admissions staff members eager to get in touch with current and prospective students, did you know that:

  • 86% of students reported that texts prompt them to complete a task they haven’t done yet (Castleman and Page)
  • 30.8% of prospective students who signed up to receive text updates applied, versus 10.9% of all prospective students (St. Mary’s University)
  • 42% of accepted students who signed up to receive text updates paid a deposit, versus 26% of all accepted students (St. Mary’s University).
  • Georgia State University reduced summer melt by 21.4% and increased enrollment by 3.9% by utilizing text messaging (eCampus News).
  • 84% of students reported they found text reminders useful in helping them get everything done for college (Castleman and Page)
  • 77% of students say they’d like to receive relevant information from colleges via text (Cappex)

Source: The Atlantic

The data has spoken, and its support for texting in higher education is overwhelming. And so, to continue to speak to its usefulness, here are 15 starter templates covering the most fundamental scenarios where texting can aid the admissions office.

Sample SMS for College Admission

  1. Resource introduction
    Introduce yourself as a recruiter or counselor to prospective students opening-up a space for future dialogue
Hi [Name], thanks for your interest in [school]! I’m your admissions counselor [name] and I’m here if you have any questions about the campus, application, tours… anything!
  1. Encourage applications
    As application season opens up send out reminders for students to get their applications in early.

    [Name], applications are officially open for the [school year] at [college]. Looking forward to reviewing your application. As a reminder, they’re due on [date]. Good luck!

  2. Send application tips
    As a way to encourage applicants without sounding like a broken record, send a reminder along with helpful application tips that make it easier or clearer for students who are applying.

    Hi [Name]! How’s your application coming along? As a little tip, we prefer essay submissions to be between  500-1000 words! Good luck!

  3. Share fun facts to help your school stand out
    Application season can lead to a lot of schools starting to blend together in the student’s eyes. Inject a little humanity into the application season by sharing some neat facts or updates on your school that might help you edge out the competition.

    Smell that buttery, cheesy goodness? If you were here you would! Grilled cheese Thursday here at [college] are a legendary campus tradition. We hope someday soon you’ll see for yourself.

  4. Deadline reminders
    Help students avoid missing out on applications or submissions by automating reminders before big deadlines.

    Hi [Name]. Just a reminder your application is due this Friday [date]. We will not be able to accept any applications for the fall semester sent after that date, so be submit your app ASAP.

  5. Acceptance congratulations
    Keep the excitement alive when a student is accepted by sending them a personalized congratulations message.

    Congratulations again [Name] on your acceptance to [college]! We hope to see you in the [school colors] this fall 🎉

  6. Sharing financial aid information
    Figuring out financial aid is a huge stressor for prospective students, and it can often impact their decision on what school to attend. Help them navigate the waters by sharing information with them along the way.

    [Name] need help submitting your financial aid paperwork? Set up a zoom call with someone from the office and we can help walk you through it!

  7. Scholarship notifications
    Receiving a scholarship can be just as exciting as being accepted into a school for some students. Be sure to congratulate them as well!

    [Name] congratulations on earning the [scholership name]. Your smarts, work ethic, and dedication are all things to be proud of!

  8. Deposit information
    Share deadlines and direct students to where they need to submit their deposits to reserve their spot in their class.

    Hello future [school mascot]! Just a reminder that deposits are due on [date] and can be submitted from your student portal. Just login here to access your dashboard:

  9. Orientation/admitted students day invite
    Admitted student days are a great way to showcase your school and solidify a prospective student’s choice to attend your school.

    [Name] You’re invited to join us on campus for our admitted student day! Learn more about what we’re offering and all the things you can preview about campus:

  10. Registration reminders
    Help new students stay on top of their schedules with reminders to register for classes and resources for who to reach out to for scheduling issues.

    First-year class orientation opens up tomorrow [date]. Remember to log in to your student portal to find out what time you’re slated to begin registering as well as important access tips!

  11. Schedule campus tours
    Campus tours are another classic tool for prospective students to experience campus for themselves. Be sure to actively push for each student to attend one whenever possible.

    [Name] have you scheduled your campus tour yet? It’s a great way to see our classrooms, try our food, and experience dorm life! Visit [website] and schedule one today!

  12. Share AP credit and SAT score information
    Most incoming applicants will need to get this information to your admissions board. Get ahead of the questions by proactively communicating steps they need to take.

    [Name] if you’re applying to [college] this fall you’ll need to submit your SAT/ACT scores by [date]. Learn how to do that here:

  13. Offer shadow a student days
    Some schools give prospective students the opportunity to shadow current students studying in their field of interest. If so, advertise that to your applicants!

    [Name] did you know that you can shadow a student currently enrolled in your desired major? To learn more about the day as a [mascot] program, see here!

  14. Share links to campus resources
    As the office of admissions, you’re often the resource most first years are familiar with. But you don’t handle everything first-year related. You can however share guides on who students need to contact for assistance with housing, academic advisement, financial aid, etc.

    As you begin your first year here at [college] you may have some questions. Check out this handy PDF on who to contact for any questions you have for our different departments!

Beginning college is an extremely stressful time. The transition to independence can be so jarring that many students sink before they swim.

By providing an attentive, involved, and responsive admissions experience you can both attract new students to your school as well as prevent a high first-year transfer rate.

Meghan Tocci
Meghan Tocci

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