NAPA Auto Parts Text Enables Regional Distribution Centers In Four States—And Growing!

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Learn why regional NAPA hubs utilize texting to communicate with local shop owners across the country thanks to savvy marketing group Arthur Elliott.

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Arthur Elliott is a creative agency that represents NAPA, an American retailers' cooperative that distributes automotive replacement parts, accessories, and service items in North America.

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NAPA was in need of a way to quickly and efficiently share key updates from distribution centers (DCs) down to individual NAPA shop owners within their region.

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Four states, a.k.a regional distribution hubs, across the U.S. now utilize SMS as one of the primary communication methods between NAPA executives and store managers.

NAPA, or the National Automotive Parts Association, was founded back in 1925.

For Chelsea Bodziak and her team at Arthur Elliott, that meant ongoing modernizations of an established internal communications system.

They realized there was an opportunity to improve communication between regional DCs and the local owners within said region. So, they turned to texting as a way to bridge the gap.

Solving NAPA’s Communication Complications

Chelsea and her team began their work on the West Coast, starting with the Portland DC.

It started with a few texts from the DC informing local store owners of upcoming promotions, product updates, etc.

Flash forward to today and, in just under a year, they’ve scaled their communication program to reach four additional states.

“We’ll get information from NAPA’s corporate communication system, put it into SimpleTexting, and send it out to 80-300 individual NAPA owners in a matter of seconds,” notes Chelsea.

“It couldn’t be easier and we improved a process for NAPA without much effort needed on their end.”

Chelsea and her team utilized a lot of traditional media in the past like email, social media, and direct mail. Texting was never really on their radar until she realized what a turnkey solution it could be.

“Everything’s been positive. The platform is so easy to use, it’s just straightforward. Any feedback from NAPA we’ve received has been positive. There’s not much you can critique as the end-user.”

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Why NAPA Chose Texting

For Chelsea and her team, the decision to move forward with texting was all about efficiency.

She was able to make note of how much quicker texting is than sending out even a pre-designed email.

"We can get information from NAPA at noon and send a text out to hundreds of people within the hour. If we ever need to communicate vita things quickly we know eyeballs will be on it with texting."
Chelsea Bodziak
Chelsea Bodziak

Strategy Manager

Expanding NAPA’s SMS Reach

Looking ahead, Chelsea and her team would like to continue to grow their model for communicating information for NAPA to more states across the country.

With our new multi-user functionality, it’ll be easier than ever for their team to manage multiple hubs from one central account.

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