How the West Virginia Baptist Convention increases event attendance and community connection

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Find out how the West Virginia Baptist Convention keeps their community connected and their events full with texting.

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The West Virginia Baptist Convention (WVBC) is an organization that resources ministries in the surrounding community. They support over 100 churches and do mission work in Latin America.

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The WVBC found itself struggling to communicate effectively with members and pastors through channels like email.

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David's team has seen a 10% increase in attendance and event participation since starting with SimpleTexting, along with faster and more consistent responses.

David Hulme is the executive minister of the West Virginia Baptist Convention. He is responsible for spearheading efforts to keep pastors and their churches functional and growing as they serve their communities.

The challenge: Communicating quickly and effectively

Like many organizations, the WVBC found that emails were proving to be ineffective, with low open rates and minimal response rates. In search of a better solution, David turned to SimpleTexting.

The solution: Leveraging texting’s 98% open rates

Implementing SimpleTexting revolutionized WVBC’s communication processes. The results have been astounding. Responses to text messages come in quickly, with many receiving responses within minutes of sending out the message. 

The efficiency and effectiveness of SimpleTexting have completely transformed the way that David’s organization interacts with churches.

Where I have noticed a significant change is in responses to communications (mission promotion, event promotion, updates, surveys, sharing information, etc.) Pastors tell me they are more informed and feel more connected since I’ve started using SimpleTexting.
David Hulme

David Hulme

Northeast Area Minister

The results: Streamlined communications and fast responses

For David and his team, texting simplifies the communication process, making it easy for both the sender and the recipient. The streamlined nature of SMS ensures that messages are delivered promptly and receive timely responses from recipients.

Increased attendance and participation at events can be directly attributed to the effectiveness of SimpleTexting, with a notable 10% increase in David’s region. Additionally, feedback from pastors indicates that they feel more informed and connected since the WVBC started using SimpleTexting.

If you want results from your communications and you want them fast, then SimpleTexting is the way to go. It has really revolutionized the way we communicate.
David Hulme

David Hulme

Northeast Area Minister

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