How Canadian Fertility Consulting Uses SimpleTexting’s Salesforce Integration to Improve Client Communication

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Canadian Fertility Consulting was looking for a way to easily follow-up with prospective clients. Find out how our Salesforce integration improved its sales follow-up process.

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Canadian Fertility Consulting (CFC) is a full-service surrogacy agency providing assistance to couples and individuals who cannot, or struggle to, conceive.

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CFC uses Salesforce to manage prospective clients of the agency. Having primarily relied on email and phone calls to reach people, the agency wanted to start texting as a way to increase its response rate and engage a younger audience.

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After approaching SimpleTexting, it took just two calls with our team to set up a Salesforce integration. CFC has seen higher engagement and response rates from those who have been reached via text message compared to other communication channels.

The rise in healthcare technology has made it possible to conceive children for people who would otherwise not be able to. 

One of the most popular methods is third-party reproduction. This involves bringing an external party into the process of conceiving a child.

At the forefront of third-party reproduction in Canada is Canadian Fertility Consulting. The agency helps both couples and individuals looking for donation or surrogacy, and those willing to donate or be involved as a surrogate.

Until recently, the main follow-up methods for those reaching out were phone calls and emails. 

With low response rates, CFC began looking for a texting solution after realizing other methods of communication weren’t as convenient for its younger audience. 

We spoke to Sara Fairman, Corporate Trainer and Salesforce Administrator, about CFC’s text messaging journey.

A Salesforce Integration Was a Must

The agency uses Salesforce to manage and engage with its database of people looking for more information on surrogacy, egg donation, or becoming an intended parent. 

It’s why the text messaging service they chose needed to offer a Salesforce integration: the team was looking for a way to trigger texts to prospective clients based on information in Salesforce. 

CFC contacted SimpleTexting after exploring different options and watching the demo on our website.

Our integrations team then worked directly with Sara to build an effective workflow based on how Salesforce is used by the team at CFC.

Canadian Fertility Consulting’s Integration Experience

Not only would the integration process be new to the agency, but it had also never worked with a texting platform before. Finding one that was easy to use was a priority.

“Once we’d decided we wanted to use SimpleTexting, the marketing manager reached out and it was just such a quick response. 

“We needed to determine the packages you offered and if the integration was a possibility. Once that was done, the process was incredibly quick. As soon as we’d confirmed with you that we wanted to go ahead, we were up and running within a week,” Sara explained.

CFC’s first integration call was a discovery call to better understand what SimpleTexting offered and learn more about the Salesforce integration.

Once this was determined, a call was held between CFC and the integrations team to ensure everybody was on board. It was an opportunity to ask questions and explore any potential issues.

As Salesforce Administrator, it was Sara’s role to set up the integration from CFC’s end with help from SimpleTexting.

“The integration process was very simple. I was able to move forward with most of it on my own, but when I did run into any issues, I could book a quick meeting and it would be sorted within 24 hours.”

Sara felt comfortable knowing SimpleTexting had waited until everything was up and running before leaving it in CFC’s hands.

“The integration team made it clear that anytime I have a question, I can reach out.”

How Does Canadian Fertility Consulting’s Salesforce and SimpleTexting Integration Work?

When people reach out to CFC, they fill out a web form and this information is sent to Salesforce. 

As a result, they know what someone is looking for and what information they need. Previously, they then received an email and phone call from a member of the CFC team.

“We were looking for a texting platform that would integrate smoothly with Salesforce because we’re dependent on it for gathering information,” Sara explained.

With the integration built by our team, Salesforce filters new contacts and puts them into different journeys within SimpleTexting.

For example, a contact looking for information on becoming an egg donor receives texts and information specifically around egg donation.

“Based on what Salesforce tells us, we can customize the first automated text in SimpleTexting for the type of client, the information package they receive and connect them with the appropriate person to speak to.” 

The integration has made it easier for the CFC team to initiate contact and provide the right information. 

With the new integration, CFC can use email and phone calls in conjunction with text messaging to complement each other and ensure every contact has been reached out to. 

Canadian Fertility Consulting Are Now Exploring Other Integration Options

When asked if CFC would recommend SimpleTexting integrations to other organizations, Sara told us, “We already have! We work with numerous fertility clinics and pair up with other agencies and we’ve already mentioned how and why we use you”.

The agency is already exploring the other integration options available with SimpleTexting to continue to make its life easier.

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