Why SmileDirectClub Used SimpleTexting for Their Times Square Debut

Why SmileDirectClub Used SimpleTexting for Their Times Square Debut

Learn how the the team at Tiger Party New York worked together with SmileDirectClub to build an interactive out-of-home experience using SMS.


Tiger Party New York provides interactive experiences and billboards for some of the largest brands in the world.


Help SmileDirectClub enhance their brand awareness, engage with fans, and measure the results.


In just 10 hours, more than 1,580 people participated in the campaign and SmileDirectClub collected nearly 300 smiles.

Tiger Party New York is a team of marketers, creatives, and engineers known for putting on creative marketing campaigns.

They’ve helped market events for some household names like Disney, jetBlue, Maclaren, and Pepsi to name a few. 

So when SmileDirectClub asked them for help to capture the attention of Time Square’s nearly 380,000 daily pedestrians, their team knew they needed to think out of the box.

SmileDirectClub needed an exciting way to capture new leads with an interactive experience. Tiger Party’s solution was to text-enable a Times Square billboard. 

Using an SMS Keyword To Light Up Times Square

Nearly everyone walking around Times Square has their cellphone on them. Statistically, they’re likely to have it within an arm’s distance!

Knowing that, the Tiger Party team decided texting was the fastest way to get viewers of the billboard engaged with their ad on the spot. 

They decided to set up a keyword—a short word or phrase that, when texted in, subscribes the consumer to receive text messages.  

After texting in their keyword, viewers were invited to text in their own message to be displayed on the big screen. The only requirement? Send a message you think will make people smile. 

Our API made it possible and automated to send user-submitted messages to the billboard. All Tiger Party had to do was spread the word on how to text in the keyword! 

Thanks to our integration with the software that controlled the billboard, they didn’t have to worry about any non-smile-worthy messages slipping through. 

They had total control to manually approve all messages!

How Many Smiles Did They Collect?

In just 10 hours of total exposure, there were more than a thousand people who participated in the event!

With their very own special smile stories, more than 298 posts went on air to share with the whole world.

This number doesn’t include the thousands of additional people who passed the billboard in those 10 hours and reminded themselves their own smile could use a little love. 

Could your marketing campaign benefit from an interactive element? Give texting a try for free for 14 days to find out if, like a great pair of veneers, it’s just the right fit!

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