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How to Send a Message to All Your Instagram Followers

Instagram DMs may be an effective way to message friends, but those with a high follower count need an alternative. Here’s how you can send a message to all of your followers.

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Most businesses have the same goals when it comes to Instagram: to boost brand loyalty, to share content, and, ultimately, to stay connected to their audience.

The problem? You’re not always guaranteed to reach people. 

Not only can Instagram’s algorithm be famously hard to navigate and subject to change, but people simply aren’t scrolling their feeds 24/7. That means they can easily miss an important update or announcement.

This is compounded by the fact that there’s currently no way to send a mass message to all your followers from Instagram. 

The good news is you can reach all your followers outside of Instagram. Here’s how.

Messaging Followers Within Instagram

To communicate with followers using the Instagram app, you need to have direct messaging enabled.

Once your DMs are open, your messages are divided into three categories:

  1. Primary is the inbox for messages to and from people you follow.
  2. General is full of messages you’ve moved to this inbox; if you want to respond later or would like to keep these people separated.
  3. Requests are messages from people you don’t follow, who are reaching out to you.

When you have a large following on Instagram, the platform’s way of separating DMs allows you to differentiate between those you want to reach and those you don’t.

Remember: Instagram is not a messaging platform.,

While you can start a group message between multiple people, everyone within the group has access to all the messages. 

If you want to start promoting content or sharing exclusive offers with your followers, you need to look for an alternative platform.

Why Should You Use an Alternative Messaging Platform?

Sure, you may not be able to send out a group message. But will messaging your followers really make a difference?

1. It Will Increase Engagement

Your followers follow hundreds, if not thousands of people.

For this reason, it’s very likely that a percentage of your audience occasionally misses out on your posts; whether it’s the algorithm or just bad timing.

As your views increase, so should your engagement. Engagement has a direct impact on your searchability on Instagram and tells the Instagram algorithm that people are enjoying your content. The more people engage with your content, the more Instagram publicizes your profile.

Engagement is how you land on the coveted Search Page, making it easier for prospective followers to find you. It’s also one of the first statistics requested by brands and sponsors who want to work with you. 

Sending a message to your followers to alert them to new posts is a great way to boost engagement. This shows both the platform and potential brands that your followers are active and care about your content

2. You Don’t Need to Rely Completely on Instagram

In October 2021, our worlds went a little quieter when Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp all stopped working for over five hours.

There were a lot of lessons to be learned from the outage, but arguably the biggest takeaway was how important it is to not be fully reliant on one form of communication.

Thousands of Instagram influencers around the world were unable to work during the outage. Their audience, their work, and their content was out of action for hours: anyone who posted just before the outage lost out on thousands of likes and comments. 

In the hours that the platforms were down, contingency plans began to be built as more and more people recognized the financial impact of a world in which Instagram and Facebook didn’t resurface.

To avoid this issue, a separate channel is needed to reach out to followers. If an incident like the outage ever happens again, you can rest easy knowing your whole life isn’t riding on a famously opaque company.

3. Build Stronger Connections

We’ve already mentioned how you’re not the only person your followers follow. This makes building a connection with them even more important.

If you want higher engagement and strong follower loyalty, you need to give something back.

Offering your followers the chance to message you and stay in the loop is a great way to make them feel more connected to you and increase their loyalty.

It’s why more brands and influencers are focusing on collecting phone numbers and emails. With the former, you can take advantage of the 98% open rates of text messages. 

It’s a safe and secure way to reach your followers and it’s a channel that a growing number of brands and celebrities are turning to. Just look at how the musician and producer Sean Combs asks people to text him.

How to Mass Message Instagram Followers

Diddy isn’t giving out his actual phone number. He’s using a text messaging platform like SimpleTexting to communicate with his followers and a separate text-enabled phone number.

If the Facebook and Instagram outage has made you look elsewhere to connect with followers, you’ll be pleased to know SimpleTexting has a 14-day free trial to get you started.

Your free trial will come with a keyword that you can promote to encourage your followers to text in. 

Keywords are the most convenient way to gather subscriber information and build out a contact list. Choose a memorable, short word and let your followers know to text this to your allocated phone number.

When they hit send, they’ll receive a confirmation text and you can start sending messages from ‘you’ as and when you want to reach them. 

To get started with keywords, watch this short video or follow the steps below.

1. Choose Your Keyword

Your keyword should be relevant to you and your platform. We recommend using your Instagram handle or something similar to make it easy to remember.

Once you’ve named your keyword, write out a short introductory text to your text message subscribers. 

This will automatically be sent whenever somebody texts in the keyword.

2. Promote Your Keyword

Your followers need to know about your new platform, so start spreading the word! 

Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, share your keyword across videos, captions and photos to make sure the message is loud and clear. 

We also recommend putting it in your Instagram bio in case somebody misses a real-time post like Amy Schumer has.

3. Kick-off Your Campaign

Whether you want to keep your followers updated on new content, share an exclusive brand deal or send a quick life update, using an SMS platform is the most effective alternative to Instagram itself.

Just remember, your followers care about you, so make sure you don’t leave it too long between texts!

The Wrap on How to Send a Message to Instagram Followers

There are many reasons Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, but the messaging feature isn’t one of them. 

Your followers already use their phone to engage with your content, using SMS is how you make sure you have a reliable communication channel to reach them.

The best news? We’re not owned by Facebook, so you can always count on us if Instagram happens to go down again.

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