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What Is Process Street?

Process Street is a simple, free and powerful way to manage your team’s recurring checklists and procedures. Their simple interface lets you create structured documents in seconds. Intuitive keyboard shortcuts and drag and drop make it easy for anyone to use. Track activity from the dashboard and get notified when tasks are done. Use conditional logic to create truly dynamic checklists with if/then logic that adapts to your teams changing needs, and so much more!

How does Process Street work with SimpleTexting?

Engage your audience through the power of SMS and workflow management by integrating Process Street and SimpleTexting. Through Zapier’s integration, you can create as many as 19 possible integrations between the two programs!

What Can You Do with Process Street and SimpleTexting?

Create automated processes that cut back on busy work and save you time.
– Have a new incoming message update a checklist
– Send a text message when a new comment is added
– When a new checklist is created send an SMS or MMS message to the parties involved

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