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How You Can Save Time With Templates

Save time by reusing your favorite messages, campaigns, keyword auto-confirmation messages, autoresponders, and inbox replies.

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When it comes to how customers use our platform, everyone is unique. While some folks message their entire audience at once, others choose exclusively to message customers one-on-one. Most however, fall somewhere in the middle.

No matter how you choose to use texting, you’ve probably found yourself sending the same message multiple times.. That’s why we’re excited to announce that you can now save your frequently sent messages as templates!

At the risk of sounding like TV informational, we’ll say it: that’s not all! You can also duplicated previously sent campaigns.

Its only takes a minute to create a template or duplicate a campaign. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide here.

You might already have a few ideas for how you’ll use templates and duplicate campaigns. If you don’t, or you’re just looking for a little extra dose of inspiration, we have a few to get you going. Here are seven ways you can get started with these new features.

Templates For Answering Frequently Asked Questions

If your business or office utilizes texting to communicate with customers, you most likely get asked a lot of similar questions. To help you save time while maintaining a high level of customer service, create templates with answers to the questions you get the most!

Create Templates For Routine Communications

Adding a personal touch to your communications can be a huge customer service difference-maker. Create templates with messages to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, or check in after a procedure, purchase, or any other customer milestone.

Duplicate Difficult or Specific Campaigns

Some campaigns are designed with lots of specifications like: only send to “x”, don’t send to “y”, send to people who “xyz”…” the list goes on. With the duplicate feature you only have to take the time to set up these specifications once! Simply duplicate the desired campaign (complete with its specifications) and change whatever you’d like to reflect your current messaging needs.

Duplicate Campaigns For A/B Tests

A/B tests are a great tool to help you determine which material is better received by your consumers. Duplicating a campaign allows you a more foolproof way to ensure only small changes are made to the campaign resulting in a more seamless A/B test process.

Templates For Marketing and Promotional Language

Promo and marketing materials are often repetitive in nature. Creating template(s) will allow you to save time when you’re communicating with multiple customers at once. Specifically for sales, loyalty programs, and events.

Manage Appointments With Templates

Boilerplate language can easily be input into a template for the purpose of appointment reminders, scheduling, and more. This is an extremely common use case with SimpleTexting and we believe creating appointment templates will help save your business valuable time.

Templates For Notifications

There are few greater feelings than getting that “package delivered” notification for something you’ve been waiting for. Delivering various notifications to your customers can be just as satisfying with a few clicks and a template.

Have any questions about how to work with templates? Visit our help desk or chat with one of our available team members!

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