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Most Popular Tech Movie in Every State

Every techie loves to indulge in Hollywood’s best films, with the finest applications of technology and AI. But what is the most popular tech movie in your state?

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Every techie loves to indulge in Hollywood’s representation of life with the finest applications of technology and AI.

From Tron to The Social Network, innovative tech movies transport us to a universe of “What if?”. But some tech movies are simply more mind-bending, innovative, or expansive than the rest.  

If you had to choose which technology film is the best, which would it be? Close your eyes and think about it. Now open.

Is your opinion just a glitch in the matrix, or do the majority of residents in your state feel the same way as you?

Here at SimpleTexting, we’re big fans of these tech movies and their forward ways of thinking. That’s why we wanted to know what every state’s favorite tech movie is in 2022.

We crunched the data so you don’t have to, read on to see what we found!


For this study, we analyzed Google Trends search volume data for “the best movies in technology” in December 2021.

Our goal was to determine the most popular tech-themed movie in every U.S. state, from the Rockies of Colorado to sunny Florida.

We based our research on a list of the “the best movies about technology” from movie enthusiasts.

The Most Popular Tech Movie in Every State

The results for the best technology movies are in! Grab your snacks and settle in for the show. Most states were split on their decision, with varying results.

However, 14 states agree The Matrix is the number one. Bloodshot and Mainstream, tied for second, while A Glitch in the Matrix, Existenz, and Smart House tied for third. 

But not all states agreed that those films take the number one title in the tech space.

For example, DC is a fan of Vanilla Sky, Louisiana’s go-to is Lucy, and Hawaii turns to Tron: Legacy. Clearly, there’s several flicks deserving of the title of ‘best tech movie’. 

The Most Popular Tech Movies Overall

Red pill or blue pill? The Matrix marked a milestone in the film industry for its technologically advanced special effects. The dystopian reality is the most popular technology movie in the U.S., chosen by 14 states.

There’s no doubt the film left its viewers captivated by revolutionizing our perception of the future. Technology advances after the film include AI and virtual reality. 

Bloodshot and Mainstream tied for second most popular tech movie, chosen by three states each. Michigan, Oregon, and South Carolina all have the same taste in movies about technology. 

Mainstream dives into current social media culture. The story follows a young woman who finds internet fame when she starts filming videos with a charismatic stranger. 

Bloodshot centers around a fallen marine. He is resurrected by a team of scientists and enhanced with nanotechnology, which makes him a biotech superhuman. The fictional hero is loved by Missouri, North Carolina, and New Jersey. 

Out of all the best tech movies, The Matrix is the only one that didn’t tie. Two states each chose a Glitch in the Matrix, Existenz, and Smart House

Don’t get The Matrix and A Glitch in the Matrix confused though. These movies aren’t related, but they pose the same mind-boggling question: Are we living in a simulation?

Illinois and Washington seem to be pondering this question through their interest in A Glitch in the Matrix. The film provides philosophical evidence and scientific explanations to answer this head-scratching question.

From outlandish futuristic advancement films to real-life stories of tech geniuses, movies about technology enchant us with stories of the digital age.

Kentucky and Massachusetts felt that way about the sci-fi horror flick, Existenz. The riveting story is about a hot new virtual game of the future: a living bio-pod that directly connects to players’ brains through a surgically installed game port orifice, where reality and fantasy can intertwine with dangerous consequences.

Smart House is a childhood classic whose nostalgia persists in the households of Connecticut and West Virginia.

The 90’s Disney Channel original flick tells the tale of a boy trying to stop his father from joining the dating world by programming their computerized house to be a surrogate mother.

Closing Thoughts

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to gear up for the ultimate tech movies marathon. If this were like Smart House, your popcorn would already be in the microwave.

And when the credits roll after the last scene, remember that fantastic technology doesn’t only exist in the minds of Hollywood moviemakers.

If you’re looking for real-life tech solutions for your marketing strategies, SimpleTexting is here to help.

Our all-in-one text messaging service is so effective, you’ll feel like you’re living in the future thanks to our technology. Contact us today to see how you can get started. 


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