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Our 3 favorite ways to integrate Toggl and SimpleTexting

Through Zapier, you can integrate Toggl and SimpleTexting to create the ultimate time-saving strategies. Time management tools meet the power of texting.

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We all know the co-worker who does the work of 10 people and makes it look easy. Sometimes it’s hard to believe we all share the same 24 hours in a day. Especially when your to-do list looks like this:

While we may tell ourselves those kinds of people have a team of interns that make it all possible, the reality is they’re probably taking advantage of shortcuts. We’ll explain.

SimpleTexting and Zapier

SimpleTexting integrates with Zapier. This allows you to connect our platform to 1,000+ apps, including Toggl—an easy-to-use time tracker available in your browser, on desktop, and on mobile.

When you create a “zap” between SimpleTexting and Toggl, you automatically enable a task to occur as a result of a trigger. This may sound complicated, but we promise it’s easy.

3 ways to integrate SimpleTexting and Toggl

Here are just a few of our favorite integrations between these two tools:

1. Start or stop time entries

Toggl allows you to measure how much time is spent on a project by tracking time entries. In order to get the most accurate data, you don’t have to be sitting at a desk to update your work. Instead, use a new incoming text message to trigger the start or stop of a time entry.

💡 This could look like a shift worker’s incoming text to you saying they started rounds. Then another text when they’ve finished. Over time, you can accumulate data without any manual input to see the average amount of time that worker spent doing their shift rounds!

2. Keep track of your tasks

Sometimes a project can involve a lot of different activities. In order to make sure you know what work goes into the final product, you can create a new task within Toggl based on an incoming text message.

💡Imagine you’re a foreman in charge of construction on new townhomes. On the days you’re offsite, you can still keep track of the project status when you request your team keep you updated via text whenever they begin and finish with a given task.

Through the SimpleTexting –> Zapier –> Toggl integration, these texts can start and stop the timer on task entries within larger projects within Toggl. You can then see a report of how much employee time went into each aspect of a job

3. Integrate your calendar

Manage your calendar and appointments with a single text. With Toggl’s calendar integration you can send a message with appointment or meeting information, automatically add it to your calendar, and then log those calendar appointments as tracked time entries in Toggl.

💡As a doctor’s office, you have a revolving door of appointments. To help make things easier for your clients, you can offer text-to-schedule appointments. And to make things easier on you, you can set up a “zap” that turns those incoming appointment texts into calendar entries! When you link those appointments to the staff members responsible, a Toggl “start timer” link will appear within each employee’s calendar entry. Just click to start the timer right from within your calendar!

To take your mobile strategy even further, you can manage both your SimpleTexting dashboard and your Toggl account from their respective mobile apps. Both apps are completely free with no features hidden behind paywalls! Learn more about Toggl for iOS and Android.

Next steps

Want to start saving time right now? We’ll cut right to the important bits. Here are the three steps you’ll need to take to integrate these two time-saving tools.

  1. Set up your SimpleTexting account: if you’re not already a SimpleTexting customer, you can start your 14-day free trial here!
  2. Set up your Toggl account: Similarly to step one, if you’re not already a Toggl customer, make sure you set up your account. It’s free to get started. Also, from now until January 17th, get a 20% discount when you sign up for an annual subscription to either Toggl’s Starter or Premium plans, which come packed with added features!
  3. Create your zaps: Now for the fun part. Log in to your Zapier account (if you haven’t already, you can create a free account here) and connect these two apps to create your first zap! Whether it’s one we mentioned in this article or an entirely new creation, combining SimpleTexting with Toggl is bound to make your life easier.

Have any other time-saving tips to share? Feel free to tweet us at @SimpleTexting or @Toggl. We’d love to hear from you, efficiency warriors!

Meghan Tocci
Meghan Tocci

Meghan Tocci is a content strategist at SimpleTexting. When she’s not writing about SaaS, she’s trying to teach her puppy Lou how to code. So far, not so good.

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