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What the Best “Coming Soon” Messages on Websites Have In Common

Getting ready for a big product launch or update? Build up your customers' anticipation with these examples of "coming soon" messages.

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There’s a lot of research out there that shows anticipating something can be a powerful, positive emotion that may even help us live happier lives.

This means all your new products, partnerships, or developments are an excellent way to capture your customers’ interest .

So, how do you keep your audience anticipating your new release? You need a strong “coming soon” message on your website to stir up curiosity about new updates.

“Coming soon” messages are used to let your customers and followers know that you’re launching a new product or making updates to your website. These messages let your visitors know that they have a lot to gain by staying tuned. 

Got writer’s block? Don’t worryーwe’re going to break down what makes an excellent “coming soon” message, and we’ll also give you 5 examples to use as you write your own. 

Why You Need A Great Coming Soon Message

No one likes to visit a website and find an empty page. People have notoriously short attention spans, and most of them will leave a site if it doesn’t catch their eye immediately.

Research shows that around 55% of visitors to a website will spend only 15 seconds looking at the page (and some visits are even shorter). 

You’ll need to convince them quickly to take an interest in what’s coming next for your business, and let them know why they should stick around. 

5 Examples of Coming Soon Messages

Need a little inspiration? Take these examples of coming soon messages to use in your own business. 

Build Anticipation

We’ve already explained the power of anticipation, so it’s no surprise that building up anticipation around the updates you’re making is crucial. 

The number one way to do that? Tell your visitors right up front why your new product or change to the site is valuable to them. Then give them an end date to look forward to and set a countdown.

Source: SeedProd

A countdown also creates the buzz you need to keep people checking your site and their emails for the big reveal.

Spark Curiosity

Letting people know that exciting changes are coming soon works best when you tease the new release and get people curious about it.

That means focusing on the highlights of the upcoming changes with short but engaging copy. 

Source: WordStream

Short and clear sentences, not long descriptions, are a useful way to build up intrigue around your new launch or big update.

Include Strong Visuals

When you need to catch people’s attention within seconds, strong design is the way to go.

Source: SeedProd

An effective coming soon message has to draw the eye first before you can wow people with your amazing copy. Attractive design that matches your existing branding is the best way to do this.

Use a Clear CTA

Give your audience a strong call to action at the end of your messages so they know the next step to take.

Source: WebFX

Without a good CTA, all you’re telling people is that you don’t have anything for them on your site at the momentーwhich will make them navigate away.

Give visitors a productive next step so you stay top-of-mind even when they’re not directly on your page.

Give Contact Options

If your website is being worked on right now, let your customers know where they can find you to stay up to date in the meantime. 

Add your social profiles or include a link to join your text alerts or email list.

Source: WordStream

Use These Coming Soon Messages, but Never Stop Improving on Them

The examples we’ve given you here are a good starting point. Every business is unique, though, and you have the opportunity to take them and make them your own.

As you re-work these messages for your own site, think about what attracts customers to your brand. What do you provide that people love? 

The best way to answer this question is to look back on feedback you’ve received. 

Keep that feedback in mind while you design your coming soon message and you’ll turn your visitors into your biggest fansーand ensure a great response when your new update finally comes out.

Lily Norton
Lily Norton

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