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Women Text Emoticons Twice As Often As Men, Study Finds :-O

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Who knew? 😮

A new study by Rice University finds that women are twice as likely to use emoticons in text messages than men. The 6-month psychological study surveyed over 124,000 texts from men and women.

Here’s the most revealing stats from the study:

  • 100% of participants used emoticons, but only in 4% of all texts
  • While women used emoticons more often, men used a greater variety of them
  • 74 emoticons were found, but the top 3 ( 🙂 🙁 😀 ) made up 70% of use

Another valuable insight: “Texting’s simplicity and briefer communication […] removes some of the pressures that are inherent in other types of non-face-to-face communication, like email or blogs,” offers professor Phillip Kortum, one of the study’s authors.

How will this info affect your text campaigns?

If your business caters mainly to women, like a nail salon, consider including more smileys in your texts.

If you have a male-centered market, maybe you should cut down on the winky-faces… 😉

Read Rice’s press release and the full study here.

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