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Video – Learn How to Send SMS Reminders with Google Calendar

Automatically send text message reminders for appointments you schedule in Google Calendars. Just sync your Google Calendar(s) to our Reminders app to automate text reminders easily.

Video Transcription

Hey everybody, thanks for watching. Today we’re going to show you how to use the Appointment Reminder feature on Simple Texting that allow you to sync appointments on your Google calendar into your Simple Texting account. Let’s see how it works.

First, you go to Apps, then you click Reminders, Add Calendar. Google will ask your permission for access to your calendar. Click Allow Access, click the correct calendar, press Continue. Here you can configure your calendar. Here’s your company name, so put that. That’ll be in the text message.

Then the reminder. Let’s say we want to re mind people one hour before the appointment. Here you can set the hours when customers should be reached so you don’t get any late night ones, and you even prompt them to confirm, cancel or reschedule via text message. You can also be notified by email. Click Save, and now we go to the calendar and there’s our appointment.

If we want to add another appointment, it’s as simple as adding one on Google Calendar. You have to put the phone number in the subject line — that’s very important of the event. Let’s say 212-555-3333, just a fake number. Create the Event, it’s at 1:30, now we press Synchronize Events, go back to the Calendar, and there it is, scheduled. Thanks for watching.