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How to Measure Campaign Effectiveness


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Since keywords and shortlinks are trackable, it’s possible to measure sales and engagement metrics. With such data, businesses can tweak the campaign for continued engagement, growth, and success.


List size

This metric is the total number of phone numbers subscribed to your campaign. This number does not necessarily equal the number of customers reached, since there will inevitably be some inactive phone numbers. But this is the best metric for measuring how large your subscriber base is.

  • List growth rate

    This number is a measurement of how fast your subscriber list is growing. This growth rate can be calculated on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. A steady growth rate means your campaigns have been successful in gaining new subscribers and retaining existing ones.


  • Attrition rate

    Some customers will inevitably unsubscribe from your text marketing campaigns. Some will do so because they are simply no longer interested in your service, but others will because they find your messages intrusive or the value proposition lacking. Changing the frequency and content of your messages may lower your attrition rate. You need to work to tune the content and frequency until you reach an acceptable attrition rate.


  • Response rate

    This metric is the primary measure of effectiveness for an individual broadcast. It’s a measurement of how many subscribers have taken action after receiving a text message. Keeping track of this statistic will let you know what format for messages is most effective. Other factors to consider are timing, message structure, and offer type.


  • Acquisition cost per subscriber

    This metric is used to measure the cost of acquiring a mobile subscriber. Comparing this cost to the average profit of a subscriber tells you how much you can offer customers to sign up to your list.


  • Return on investment

    This metric is used to determine the overall effectiveness of your text marketing, either on a per-campaign basis or over all your campaigns. As long as this metric is in positive territory, your campaigns are successful.


Now that we’ve covered all the principles of text marketing, it’s time to look at how businesses are using text marketing in the real world.

Intro Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Conclusion