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How Do Businesses Use Text Marketing?


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The first part of this guide focused on text marketing in general. In this last section, we will look at how different groups can utilize text marketing to further their organization’s goals. While not intended to be an exhaustive list, it can give you ideas on how to utilize text marketing for your business.

Each section will be broken up into two subsections: 1) common problems for the organization and 2) solutions to help resolve those problems with text marketing. Each industry has a more extensive guide available on the SimpleTexting site.



It’s an issue for any small business owner: slow traffic. On some days, there just aren’t enough customers to turn a profit, which is tough operating on a razor-thin margin.


Once you set up your text marketing campaign, be sure to advertise your campaign in-store. Signage, placemats, and table tents should include a clear call to action so your customers notice it and see that it’s a big deal. Once you get your first subscribers, start sending out timely updates:

  • Mobile coupons

    Encourage customers to come in with coupons for a free item or a discount.

  • Limited-time discounts

    Drive immediate sales to fill in slow periods with limited-time discounts.

  • Weekly specials

    Keep your loyal subscribers up to date with your week’s newest specials.

  • Events

    Notify your customers about events like live music, happy hours, or trivia night.

  • Sweepstakes

    Encourage new sign-ups with an enticing reward, such as a free meal or a coupon.

  • Polls

    Drive engagement and sales by letting customers choose your next flavor or special.



  • Problems

    While you have people attending on Sunday, it’s hard to keep your congregation connected on the six other days of the week in this increasingly digital world. It’s especially hard to connect to younger generations, who communicate in different ways.

  • Solutions

    Once you set up your text marketing campaign, it’s time to let your parishioners know about it! Put up signs with a tasteful call to action on bulletin boards, handouts, and the community calendar. Include a mention of the campaign on the church website, email blasts, and all social media channels. You can even make a short mention of it after the sermon. Once you have your subscribers, you can send out some of the following updates:

  • Scriptural quotes

    It’s nice to get periodic reminders for inspiration and guidance. You can even tie in quotes with the message of that week’s sermon.

  • Event reminders

    No doubt your church has lots going on every day of the week! Get more of your congregants to turn out to church events with friendly reminders.

  • Schedule changes and announcements

    Never worry about mixing up schedules again. With a quick text blast, you can be sure everyone knows about the rescheduling.



  • Problems

    Business is good, but no-shows are a drag. Sometimes foot traffic isn’t enough, either, and there’s a lull in activity.

  • Solutions

    Once you start your text marketing campaign, put up some in-store signage to advertise the campaign. Train your employees to casually bring up the campaign in conversation. Your receptionist should also be training to ask for customers’ phone numbers for appointment reminders.

    It’s best to send out appointment reminders on the same day or the day before. Also consider allowing customers to confirm, reschedule, or cancel their appointment by text, which gives you more of a heads-up when you have gaps to fill.

    On slow days, send out time-sensitive offers on products and services to bring customers into your salon. You can also send out beauty tips to add value to your customers’ text subscriptions.



  • Problems

    The problem affecting retailers is the same affecting all businesses: slow sales. How do you get new customers in the door and existing customers coming back?

  • Solutions

    For retailers, it’s important to include your text marketing campaign on all your marketing materials. This includes any paid advertising, social media, or in-store signage. Also be sure to train your sales associates to casually mention the campaign if there’s a sale or promotion happening on it. Once you build your list, you can start sending out updates:

  • Bring customers back

    Bring customers back into the store with exclusive text coupons.

  • Draw customers in

    Draw customers in by notifying them of new arrivals.

  • Let customers know

    Let customers know when their product is ready with custom text reminders.

  • Promote

    Promote sales events with well-timed texts.

Real Estate


  • Problems

    There’s only so much information you can fit on a sign outside the property. Asking customers to remember long or complicated URLs isn’t feasible.

  • Solutions

    Set up a text-for-info campaign. On signage outside the house, you can include a keyword to text for information about the property, such as bed/bath count, square feet, asking price, or a link to photos. Even better, when potential buyers text for info, you get another lead.



  • Problems

    Even though you have students in class every day, they often get bored and forget about important announcements. To complicate matters, cancellations happen on a regular basis that are difficult to communicate in a timely manner.

  • Solutions

    On registration day, ask students to sign up. Once you have their numbers, you can start sending them important reminders, grouped by activity list. In case of a cancellation or rescheduling, send out a text blast to let students know about the change. You can also send out reminders for school events and functions, to help improve turnout for those low-attendance events.

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