★ Ultimate guide to sms marketing ★

Acquiring Mobile Phone Numbers


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To begin a push campaign, a business first needs to build a list of customer phone numbers. To do this, you need to publicize your campaign in other venues.

Mobile opt-in

Texting a keyword to a designated SMS short code is the simplest and most common way to opt in to a campaign. The keyword and short code can be advertised in-store, online, or on other marketing materials. Ideally, every marketing material would have at least a mention of your text marketing campaign.


Web opt-in

With web opt-in, customers enter their phone numbers into a form on a website and receive a confirmation via text message. If your website drives most of your business, a web opt-in form could be the most effective way to drive sign-ups. In any scenario, a web opt-in form can supplement a mobile opt-in strategy.


Paper form

It’s also possible to subscribe to a text marketing campaign by filling out a paper form, but since this way requires data entry, it’s less popular than web or mobile opt-in methods.

Growing your text marketing subscriber base

The need to generate subscribers does not go away after your text marketing campaign launches. You should keep a continual focus on acquiring more mobile numbers to grow your subscriber base. Oftentimes, getting a new customer to subscribe is simply a matter of letting them know the option to receive texts exists. Think outside the box and utilize different marketing channels to advertise your opt-in keyword and short code to drive new subscribers.

Social media

Particularly for mobile opt-in, take advantage of opportunities to advertise your keyword and short code on social media by including a call to action to opt in for updates and specials in Twitter and Facebook posts.


Including a link to the web opt-in form in email marketing messages is another excellent way to reach new subscribers.


Prompt website visitors with a web opt-in form to start receiving your text messages.

Traditional media

Traditional media can also be used to drive subscribers. Include the keyword and short code in print ads, billboard ads, and direct mail pieces with a call to action for people to opt in using their mobile device.

Point of purchase

For brick-and-mortar businesses like restaurants and retail stores, train your staff to mention your text marketing campaign at the point of purchase. While interacting face to face, they can encourage customers to either opt in with a paper form kept on hand at checkout or opt in on their mobile phone.

Now that we’ve covered all the basics, it’s time to move on to compliance, which ensures that your texts are legal and adhere to the highest industry standards.

Intro Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Conclusion