MMS Service From SimpleTexting

Need more than words to get your marketing message across? With MMS services from SimpleTexting, you can add engaging multimedia content like photos, videos, and animations. We’re talking a whole new level of texting here.

Picture power

MMS campaigns get 20% more opt-ins than SMS campaigns. People are 8 times more likely to share MMS content. An MMS service puts the picture power right where it should be—in your hands.

1,600 characters

Do you love words and feel the need to write lots of them? Well, it's your lucky day, because MMS marketing gives you a whopping 1,600 characters per message. Oh, the texts you can text!

A suite of sweet features

MMS has the same great features as SMS, like autoresponders, sweepstakes, and data collection. It's all right there in the dashboard, ready to work with your cool coupons and cute kitten gifs.


Learn more about the difference between MMS and SMS.

MMS Service from SimpleTexting

Optimize automatically

Our MMS service detects each subscriber’s device and optimizes your message for the best user experience. Send your campaign and leave the rest to us.

SMS fallback messages

Worried about the 2% of mobile devices that can't handle MMS? Don't be. SimpleTexting lets you set up fallback messages for the SMS-only segment.

Track your MMS campaigns

Where would we be without analytics? Lost in the dark, that’s where, which is why we’ve made arrangements to keep tabs on your MMS marketing stats.

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When you add MMS to your marketing plan, you’ll be following in the footsteps of millions of businesses that already use rich media to engage their audiences, boost customer loyalty, and bump up their bottom line.