The Only SMS Definition You Need to Read

The Only SMS Definition You Need to Read

Discover the definition of SMS, messaging, and communication as it relates to your individual and business usage.

We’re not saying we’re better than the dictionary. But when it comes to defining texting, we know a thing or two around here. In fact, we’d wager that our years of expertise on matters of texting qualify this page as your one-click destination for learning more about what exactly SMS is.

So, if you found yourself on this page looking for the definition of SMS, look no further. We have everything you’ll ever need to know on the topic, right here.

SMS Definition

Short Messaging Service (or SMS) is a specialized communications protocol created for the purpose of sending and receiving text messages over cellular networks. More commonly known as texting, SMS was developed to send up to 160 characters of message per exchange between cell phones, smartphones, and PDAs.

To receive an SMS message, your phone does not need to be turned on, or even geographically close to the sender. Through cellular (or internet in the case of smartphones) connections, these messages travel around the world instantaneously, millions of times a day.

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SMS Message Definition

Thanks to advances in technology, SMS messages can now even be sent via non-mobile devices such as computers, web applications, and VoIP applications. For these internet-based SMS messages, communications are sent out via short codes, toll-free numbers, and text-enabled landlines. Here at SimpleTexting, we utilize all three to help businesses connect with customers through their phones.

SMS Communication Definition

The practice of using SMS as a medium for exchanging information is known as SMS communication.

Electing to use SMS communication is a choice— same as email communication or telephone communication. A choice that many people are trending towards as mobile phones become more ingrained into our habits and preferences.

Most Americans nowadays are checking their phones an average of 80 times a day! With that kind of frequency, simply shooting someone a text is becoming one of the easiest and quickest ways to get in touch with someone.

It’s also the reason many businesses have moved away from cluttered spaces like email inboxes and voicemails in favor of SMS.

One of the fastest growing groups adopting SMS as a communication medium are businesses. While people have been communicating with friends and family over text since the early 2000s, many businesses are just now text-enabling their brand.

Thanks to the high open rates, impressive engagement metrics, and relatively low prices, SMS communication is a low risk – high reward communication alternative for practically anyone!

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