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The Best SimpleTexting Zapier Integrations For E-Commerce

The Best SimpleTexting Zapier Integrations For E-Commerce

Zapier bridges the gap between SimpleTexting and the other products you use. Here are a few of the most popular connections we’ve been hearing from e-commerce customers.

Let’s face it…

Time is your most valuable asset. If you had more time, you would get new product photography, start that influencer campaign, and reconsider selling on Amazon—and that’s just on the marketing side.

Then to make matters worse, you have a ton of software companies pitching you with some version of “work smarter, not harder.” 🙄

We get it. While we can’t magically increase the number of hours in the day, we can give you back some of the precious time you spend using platforms like SimpleTexting.  

With our SimpleTexting and Zapier integration, you can connect the various platforms you use. This connection means that processes and tasks happen on your behalf behind the scenes. There’s nothing you have to do to keep up with or remember them. All you need are Zaps—Zapier’s automated workflows—that support your workflows.

By automating repetitive work, you free up more time to work on the bigger picture. To get you started with a few ideas, here are six of the best SimpleTexting and Zapier integrations you can create to save time.

Wait, Tell Me More About Zapier?

Zapier describes themselves as the “glue that holds your business together.”  That’s an abstract explanation of what they do, and it might not sell you on their merit. (Especially if you associate glue with childhood misadventures.)

In more practical terms, Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your favorite software apps. You can link two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration for you. 

It’s a way to bake in “if this happens, then do this” flows, connecting disjointed business processes along the way. This automation is particularly useful for e-commerce retailers with a lot of moving parts and limited resources to manage them.

For example, if a sale occurs on your e-commerce platform, you can automatically record the sale in your accounting software. Or if someone buys from your Shopify site, you can automatically add them to your text blasts. The best part is that you can set these flows up in less than five minutes. It’s not quite magic, but it can save you a significant amount of time. It’s not about working harder or smarter, it’s about working better.

If you are a little overwhelmed by the possibilities, bear with us. Here are the top six ways to integrate SimpleTexting and your favorite e-commerce apps: 

  1. Shopify – SimpleTexting Integration
  2. Facebook Lead Ads – SimpleTexting Integration
  3. PayKickstart – SimpleTexting Integration
  4. Zendesk – SimpleTexting Integration
  5. BigCommerce – SimpleTexting Integration
  6. AWeber – SimpleTexting Integration

1. Send New Shopify Customers Texts and Rescue Abandoned Carts

Shopify needs no introduction. With 820,000 merchants now using the Shopify platform for their stores, its name is synonymous with the e-commerce space. Just take a look at the company’s eye-watering growth.

If you’re an e-commerce retailer already using Shopify, there are over 27 tried and tested ways in which you can integrate Shopify with SimpleTexting. As this article is all about saving you time, we’re not going to make you comb through each one to decide if it’s right for you. 

So, without further adieu, here are three of the most popular “Zaps” that 99% of e-commerce stores could use today:

1. Send SMS messages via SimpleTexting to new Shopify customers

Once activated, Zapier will automatically send custom follow-up or thank you texts to new Shopify customers via SimpleTexting.

2. Send SMS messages via SimpleTexting to Shopify customers with abandoned carts

We wrote a guide on how to rescue abandoned carts using SMS without bugging customers, which is worth reading if you want to set up abandoned cart text messages. The TL;DR is that text messages are a great way to encourage customers to complete their orders. With Zapier and SimpleTexting, you can automate the process.

3. Add new Shopify customers to a SimpleTexting list

If you are manually importing Shopify customers to a SimpleTexting list, then stop now. You can automatically add people who purchase through your shop to a contact list. 

Connect Shopify and SimpleTexting today.

2. Automate the Growth of Your SMS Audience With Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads make it a lot easier to generate email or SMS subscribers by simplifying the process of filling out dreaded forms. Facebook does this by prepopulating the majority of fields. It sounds simple, but its impact on conversation rates is massive.  

We wrote an entire article on how the Facebook lead ad format works well with SMS. The general gist of it is that you can use lead ads to build your SMS subscriber’s list and then automate your subsequent marketing. 

With Zapier, you can connect SimpleTexting to Facebook and automatically send new subscribers an autoresponse confirming what they signed up to receive. Lead ads are a great way to use paid channels like Facebook to grow your SMS subscribers list. The best part is that you can automate the entire process from start to finish.

 ⚡ Connect Facebook Lead Ads and SimpleTexting now.

3. Connect With PayKickstart to Win Back Cancelled Subscriptions and Send Automatic Follow-Ups

For those of you who are unfamiliar with PayKickstart, it is an e-commerce swiss-army knife for all kinds of e-commerce retailers. From a payment gateway to coupon codes to one-click upsell offers, it offers a ton of functionality that you can read all about here.  

Once the Zapier connection is activated, you can automatically send custom follow-up or thank you texts to customers who have placed a new order on PayKickstart. 

It’s also worth noting that if you are a subscription-based e-commerce play, you can send a quick text to customers who cancel their subscriptions to help win them back or ask for feedback on why they canceled.

 ⚡Connect PayKickstar and SimpleTexting now.

4. Create New Support Tickets When You Receive Customer Service Texts 

Zendesk is a customer support platform that lets you connect with customers on any channel. If you want to start providing customer service through SMS and use Zendesk as your ticketing system, then it’s a no brainer to connect the two. 

For example, the moment a customer texts you, you can create a ticket in Zendesk Support. It doesn’t stop there, take a look at all of the different workflows you can create.

 ⚡Connect Zendesk and SimpleTexting now.

5. Send SMS Notifications With BigCommerce

BigCommerce is another widely used e-commerce platform. Like Shopify, you can send SMS messages via SimpleTexting to new Shopify customers. These can be custom follow-ups or thank you texts to new BigCommerce customers via SimpleTexting. You can also automatically add new customers to a SimpleTexting contact list.

 ⚡Connect BigCommerce and SimpleTexting now.

6. Combine Your Email and Text Marketing Efforts

Sometimes we give email a hard time for its lower open and click-through rates, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t big fans. We are the first to acknowledge that email certainly has its merits, especially for long-form content like newsletters. 

By combining your email and text marketing efforts, you ensure that you never miss out on another lead. Not only can you sync your email and SMS subscriber lists, but new contacts in AWeber can also automatically receive texts, creating a real multi-channel communication effort. 

 ⚡Connect AWeber and SimpleTexting now.

How Do I Get Started?

Setting up any of these integrations is easy. All of the integrations listed here have Zap templates. You can also create new Zaps on Zapier by following this guide.

The Zapier team adds new integrations all the time, so the possibilities are far and wide. We’d love to hear what products you’re connecting with SimpleTexting and what would be most useful in the future!

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