Other than being in the public eye, an array of athletes, actors, and politicians have something else in common - they’ve sent inappropriate - even career ending - text messages. When yet another family-oriented politician was busted a few weeks ago for sending dirty text messages to a woman other than his wife, it became clear that this trend wasn’t going to end anytime soon. Here are 13 celebrities who majorly messed up via mobile device:

Anthony Weiner

Date of Offense: 2011, 2013, 2016

In October of 2016, ex-Brooklyn Congressmen Anthony Weiner is fodder for scandal again when the newest emails in the FBI investigation of the Hillary Clinton email case came from Anthony Weiner’s electronic devices. Not only that, in August of the same year Weiner was caught sending lewd photos of himself with his child sleeping beside him in the background to a woman that was not his wife.
To add to the list of offenses, In 2011, Brooklyn congressman Anthony Weiner admitted to sending inappropriate pictures of himself to a co-ed in Seattle via his Twitter account. He resigned from congress a month after the scandal broke. Two years later, Weiner was caught sexting with another woman, this time under the alias "Carlos Danger", which ultimately destroyed his chances in the 2013 New York mayoral race.



Date of Offense: 2016

OK! Magazine revealed that rapper Tyga left his socialite girlfriend Kylie Jenner heartbroken after she found out that he has been texting a girl he met on Instagram. The girl in question reportedly said she was 17, but she's actually only 14 years old! Tyga says he was just interested in her voice, but feminist lawyer Gloria Allred claims that Tyga contacted her constantly, which made the teen uncomfortable. And there are text messages to prove it.


James Franco

Date of Offense: 2014

James Franco found himself in hot water over an instagram scandal in 2014. Though he claims he was just trying to find someone to hang out with, the object of his desire was an underage girl visiting New York. After repeated attempts to get her to hang out in a hotel room, he eventually gave up. When news broke of their exchange, he humorously tweeted about his poor judgement and warned parents to “keep their teens away from him.”


Tiger Woods

Date of Offense: 2009

When golf darling Tiger Woods was discovered cheating on wife Elin Nordegren from illicit text messages exchanged with a porn star, the public was appalled. Woods’ raunchy sexts effectively destroyed his good-guy image and illustrated a penchant for violent sexual acts with submissive women. When the story first broke, a handful of women came forward claiming Woods had slept with them -- and they had the text messages to prove it.


Ashton Kutcher

Date of Offense: 2010

Ashton Kutcher’s marriage to Demi Moore fell apart when he slept with 21-year-old Brittney Jones after meeting her at a bowling alley in Hollywood. Jones apparently slipped Kutcher her number one night and the two began exchanging steamy text messages. Eventually the two hooked up, leading to the beginning of the end for Ashton and Demi.


Brett Favre

Date of Offense: 2008, 2010

In 2008, NFL pro Brett Favre was accused of leaving inappropriate voicemails and sending explicit texts to Jen Sterger, the gameday reporter for the Jets who resembled the player’s wife. Though Favre never admitted to sending the racy texts, he did end up paying a $50,000 fine for being “less than candid” during the investigation.



Date of Offense: 2013

Former Redskins’ starting quarterback Robert Griffin III was accused of sending dirty texts to an old flame -- on his wedding day! The woman came forward with pictures of a half naked Griffin that he’d sent her himself in the hours before he said “I do”. Although this texting scandal broke two years ago, he and wife Rebecca Liddicoat are still married.


David Boreanz

Date of Offense: 2011, 2013

Before Tiger Woods put her on the map, “hostess” and “club manager” Rachel Uchitel almost led to the demise of Bones’ actor David Boreanz’s marriage. His wife Jamie was pregnant with their second child while the affair was underway. The text messages between Boreanz and his mistress depict a sordid relationship where she insists he leave his wife, accuses him of not spending enough time with her, and whines about “always ending up alone”.


Tony Parker

Date of Offense: 2011

When actress Eva Longoria called it quits on her marriage to Tony Parker, many speculated it was due to his emotional affair with a teammate’s wife. Longoria allegedly found a barrage of flirtatious text messages between Parker and Erin Barry in the basketball pro’s phone. Though sources say the relationship never turned physical, the sexting was enough to end Longoria and Parker’s three-year union.


Ryan Phillippe

Date of Offense: 2006

Ryan Phillippe, best known as the cheating ex-husband to Reese Witherspoon, was accused of having an affair with blonde bombshell Abby Cornish. Though the all-star couple was already experiencing marital distress, Reece apparently ended the marriage once and for all after going through his phone and seeing a series of intimate text messages between her husband and his Stop-Loss co-star.


John Diehl

Date of Offense: 2015

In early 2015, Missouri House Speaker was caught up in a sexting scandal with a former intern. The married father of three owned up to his inappropriate behavior and said that he was prepared to faces the consequences. After the sexts went public in the Kansas City Star, Diehl resigned from his position in the state Capitol.


Jud McMillin

Date of Offense: 2015

In September 2015, Indiana House Majority Leader Jud McMillin sent a mass text to everyone in his contact list featuring a sexually compromising video. Though he initially tried to deny any involvement, the damage was done and he resigned from office soon after.


Eliot Spitzer

Date of Offense: 2008

In 2008, New York governor Eliot Spitzer found himself in the middle of a nationwide scandal for allegedly using campaign funds to sleep with high class escorts. When the evidence was revealed, the public learned that Spitzer was referred to as “Client 9” in texts between the women and their pimps.