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How to Use Text Messages for Your Next PSA

Need to get an important announcement out to your contacts quickly? Follow these steps to write and send an effective text message PSA.

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You’ve got an important announcement or piece of news that your contacts need to see right away.

But with emails, calls, and social media announcements going unseen and unanswered by most people, how do you get a necessary message across?

We recommend textingーit’s the only channel where you’re guaranteed to reach your audience. This article will tell you why SMS is the best way to send your next public service announcement (PSA), how to send one in seconds, and the formula for a perfect PSA.

Why You Should Use SMS for Your PSA

Simply put, texts are the fastest way to get your message read. When the message is important, like a PSA, this is crucial. 

95% of texts get read and get a response within 3 minutes, and those are the numbers you want when you send a PSA text. 

The biggest reason text messages get impressive open and response rates like these is that texts reach people on the devices they’re already using all day. 

Given how much higher the open rates are compared to email (around 22% on average), if you need your contacts to see your message, SMS is the undisputed way to send it. 

Now that you have all the information on why you should be texting your PSA’s, the next question is, how do you send one?

How to Set Up Text PSA’s

By far the easiest way to send out a text PSA is by scheduling it to send ahead of time. (You can also send it out immediately.)

This is where an online texting platform comes into play. Instead of having to send each individual PSA from your phone, an SMS tool allows you to set up automatic messages to send on your timeline in two easy steps.

First, type out your message and decide which contact list you want to send it to.

Then, enter the date and time for when you want to send your message.

Along with scheduling your PSA, you can manage any replies or further questions from your contacts through your SMS inbox

You’re an expert on how to send an SMS PSAーbut what goes into a great PSA message?

What to Include in Your Text PSA

The number-one rule of text message PSA’s is to keep them short and sweet. You’re just trying to give contacts the information they need, so leave out anything that isn’t strictly necessary.

Here’s what we recommend putting in your PSA:

  • The announcement, in as few words as possible (remember, SMS only allows for 160 characters).
  • A link to more information if it’s needed.
  • An invitation to reply with any questionsーinclude this if you’re planning to handle replies, questions, and other responses from your SMS inbox. 

The Final Word on Sending a PSA Via Text

In the old days, PSA’s were usually put out by radio stations or on TV. 

Now that we’ve moved on to getting news through our devices, SMS is your best bet for getting important messages seen instantly.

Want an easy way to set up and send your PSA messages? Try out SimpleTexting for 14 days, completely free. 

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