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Steve Madden Sends Illegal Text Messages, Puts Up $10 Million Settlement

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First John, now Steve.

Yet another big brand is getting hit with a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit after sending unsolicited text messages. Steve Madden Ltd., footwear giant, has put up a $10 million settlement to resolve the lawsuit.

Allegedly, between July 2010 and September 2012, 203,254 people were sent text message advertisements promoting Steve Madden footwear, fashion products, and promotional events. If you received such a text from the shortcode 91919 or 623336, you may be included in the settlement and eligible for a payment of up to $150 ($10 million only goes so far among 200,000 people).

Here’s one of the texts sent:

Hello from Steve Madden! Good news! We are offering free shipping on all orders on our website. Ship, ship, hooray! Use code HOLYSHIP at checkout. Shop right from your phone!:

Pretty good marketing text, if only it weren’t illegal. The case will be decided at the Final Fairness Hearing on February 25, 2013. Until then, we’ll be waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Photo courtesy of J. Ronald Lee.

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