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If You Think SMS Is Dead… Think Again

A lot of people are saying SMS is deadーbut that’s not true. We’re going to give you a few good reasons why SMS is alive and well.

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You’ve probably read the online proclamations. They go something like:

“No one texts anymore. They all use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.”

“Who wants a business to contact them through their personal phone?”

“Gen Z are all using Instagram and Snapchat to talk these days.”

“SMS just isn’t the best digital marketing method anymore.”

We’ve heard them, too. They all amount to one thing: SMS marketing is dead.

But we’re here to lay these myths to rest. SMS is far from dead, and it remains one of the most relevant and effective ways to reach your audience. 

It’s no surprise that the text messaging service loves texting and recommends it to everyone. Bias aside, the numbers don’t lie. SMS is on the riseーbecause it outshines the other channels marketers turn to.

SMS Is Alive

Before we dig into the advantages of SMS as a marketing tool, let’s cover one very important truth about texting.

SMS is the best way to communicate, period. 

This doesn’t just mean communicating with your customers or audience. The beauty of SMS is that you can use it to reach anyone.

Need the different departments in your company to communicate faster? Have them text.

Want to update your partners and affiliates on next month’s big product launch? Use SMS.

Have to remind your spouse to turn off the stove? Send a text. 

The point is, texting is an integral part of our lives, both personally and professionally. 2.1 trillion texts were sent in 2020 alone, (which represents 52 billion more texts than 2019, by the way).

That’s a big number, obviously, but why should you care? Two reasons:

SMS Marketing Isn’t Dead

We’ve covered why SMS is still thriving as a communication method. There are, however, a lot of people who still claim that it’s an out-of-date and ineffective marketing channel.

Let’s talk about why that’s not true. 

High Conversion Rate

Besides the impressive open and response rates, SMS campaigns can yield up to a 45% conversion rate

That’s a conversion rate you won’t find in other marketing channels (but we’ll go over that soon). Forgive me for stating the obvious, but so many marketers forget:

Marketing campaigns that don’t inspire action aren’t worth your time and effort. Pick the channel that your customers are most likely to engage with.


As we mentioned, texting is only getting more popular across every demographic. While there’s still a lot of value in communication channels like email, the numbers say that 54% of consumers actually want to receive text messages.

Staying relevant doesn’t just mean using up-to-date communication channels. It also means giving your audience what they actually want.

Easy Integrations

Just because we love SMS marketing doesn’t mean that we think it should be your only marketing channel. 

One of the best parts about texting is how easy it is to incorporate it into your existing workflows.

For example, people advertise their keyword (a word that customers can text to your number to opt in to receive text messages) on social media ads or send it in emails to gather contacts.

However you do it, SMS is simple to integrate into your existing marketing.

Low Cost

If fast responses and impressive conversion rates haven’t convinced you yet, the low cost of SMS marketing will.

Although different online texting platforms come with different costs, SimpleTexting plans start at $29/month with 500 credits included (that’s up to 500 standard text messages).

For contrast, the average small business setting up paid ads with Google advertising spends between $9,000 and $10,000 each month.

Take into account the high conversion rates of SMS along with the low cost of sending messages, and you’ve got a winning marketing strategy with the potential for a high ROI.

Why SMS Wins Over Other Marketing Channels

We know now why SMS works as a general communication method and a marketing channel. How does it stack up with other tried-and-true marketing methods?


Make no mistake, we here at SimpleTexting love email marketing. That said, it just doesn’t compete with SMS. 

Have a look at this graph that shows the open and click-through rates on emails over the last decade:

Source: Marketing Charts

Where text message open and response rates remain high, the same metrics for emails continue to dip. 

Why are emails no longer performing as well? There are a few reasons, but the main point is that your customers are simply getting too many. 

Email has become marketing white noise. You’re unlikely to get the attention and response you need if you choose to use it.

Paid Ads

Paid advertising has gotten less effective as a marketing channel mainly due to the death of third-party cookies.

Targeting has gotten more difficult, and, just like email, customers are tuning out the ads that surround them. For most people, ads are the price you pay to browse your favorite sites and social media.

One of the highlights of SMS marketing is how directly the message reaches your customer. People pay attention to messages in their text inbox that are meant just for them.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has been a big favorite over the last several yearsーfor everyoneーwhich is the problem.

With every business and brand jumping on the content bandwagon, customers got overwhelmed and burned out on the endless blogs and tutorials. 

Although content marketing is still more cost-effective than channels like paid advertising (with customer acquisition costs around 30% better than paid ads), it’s only getting more expensive.

Alternatively, SMS is newer, easier to act on with one click, and concise. 

Why Does All This Matter?

Messaging platforms are beginning to show up as a popular way to communicate (especially among younger demographics) and it’s made the Internet begin to wonder if texting is dead.

Rather than let you take headlines like those at face value, we want to give you the numbers behind our love of SMS.

One look at the statisticsーand current customer demandーis enough to let you know that texting is alive and well, both as a way to communicate personally and a marketing tool. 

That’s an important fact for any marketer or business owner to know. If you’re investing in marketing, you need to know that you’re putting your resources into the right channel.

Our advice? Choose the channel that brings high open and response rates, sustainable costs, and easy use. SMS is still the way to go.

Ready to start exploring the world of text marketing? Try out SimpleTexting for 14 days, totally free.

Lily Norton
Lily Norton

Lily Norton is a copywriter at SimpleTexting. She is focused on helping you connect and communicate with your audience with more ease and efficiency than ever through text messaging.

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