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SimpleTexting Goes to Canada

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SimpleTexting is bringing our simply streamlined, insanely effective text message marketing platform to Canada.

Whether you’re a church or school, fitness center or beauty salon, bar or restaurant, civic organization or consumer group, you’re primed to take advantage of text message marketing. Not sure how SimpleTexting could help you? Take a look at what it’s done for organizations like yours. Visit our SMS marketing Industry Guides!

With our straightforward Canadian pricing structure and fast, reliable service—complete with free trial—there’s no reason why you can’t see for yourself how this game-changing marketing method can help your organization.

Text message marketing with SimpleTexting is far more targeted and easier to use than social media, and it has a way better open rate than email. After all, not everyone has email or Facebook on their phone, but the vast majority can receive text messages. If you want to be able to quickly get the attention of your current and future patrons, this is the way.

And now, we’re proud to cater to Canada. Check us out today!

Send your first message in minutes. Try SimpleTexting free for 14 days. No credit card required.

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