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SimpleTexting API v2 Launches Today

The new version of SimpleTexting’s API offers improved messaging capabilities, powerful contact management, and much more.

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Today we’re excited to launch SimpleTexting API v2. 🎉 

We announced the beta launch of API v2 two months ago, and have continued to update and improve the API since then based on feedback. As of today, SimpleTexting’s API v2 is ready to be used in all your SimpleTexting-connected apps.

Our goal with API v2 is to provide a more comprehensive SMS API that offers new and improved functionality. 

What’s New In API v2?

API v2 brings several new endpoints as well as changes to existing ones. Here are some of the new functionality we’re most excited about.

Improved Messaging 

The ability to send a text message to a contact list was one of our most requested endpoints. (With API v1 it was only possible to send SMS/MMS to individual contacts.) 

With API v2 you can now send a campaign to a list or segment. That’s not the only improvement to our API’s messaging capabilities. You can also:

  • Take advantage of the 306 character limit of extended SMS 
  • Send messages from all your account’s numbers

More Powerful Contact Management

We’ve added multiple new endpoints that allow you to better manage contacts and lists. You can now:

  • Create, update and delete lists
  • Batch create, update, or delete contacts (including list membership and custom fields)
  • Update subscription status (active, invalid, unassigned, unsubscribed)

You can also enable two-way contact syncing to improve how you share contact information between SimpleTexting and other apps.

Supercharged Webhooks

With our new webhooks you can now set up notifications for changes to specific contacts and subscribe to events for all numbers on your account. 

Bring Conversations with Contacts Into Your CRM

We recognize that having access to all the interactions your team has with customers in one place is key to delivering a great customer experience. 

With our new messages endpoint you can bring messages to and from your customers into your CRM. This allows you to maintain a single source of truth for all your contacts.

What About API v1?

With the launch of API v2, we’re officially deprecating API v1. We recommend that any new integration with SimpleTexting uses API v2. 

That said, we’ll continue to support API v1 and will provide ample notice before we set an end-of-life date to give you plenty of time to make the switch. 

If you have any questions or concerns about our support for API v1 please reach out to our support team at [email protected]

More to Come

While API v2 is ready for you to use, that doesn’t mean we’re done. We have more endpoints to add and will continue to take onboard your feedback. 

To give API v2 a try, head over to its documentation. Be sure to let us know what you think!

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