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SimpleTexting 2018, A Year In Review

SimpleTexting 2018, A Year In Review

Take a look back at some of our favorite blogs, client success stories, and more from 2018. Plus, preview some of what's to come in 2019!

2018 is nearing its end, and it was full of some serious highs and epic lows (we’re looking at you Tide Pods). Our SimpleTexting family continues to grow with team members in over eight different countries, and countless users all throughout the US and Canada.

It’s all thanks to our hard-working leaders, developers, customer support specialists, marketers, and of course, clients!

Yes indeed, you all have been the motivation for some of our most successful endeavors. We value the spirit of innovation at the core of each of your businesses. It drives us to continue to develop new features and optimize more of our existing platform.

Without any further ado, and with our glasses fully raised, let’s celebrate and reflect on the SimpleTexting 2018 highlights!

We Launched Some New Features

You asked and we answered. 2018 marked the year SimpleTexting officially went mobile! Our app, for both iOS and Android, became available for download this year. This app packs a punch with the ability to fully manage your campaigns on the go. It’s a road warrior’s favorite marketing tool.

Safe to say we ushered in some other pretty neat features this year as well. Like…

  • Zapier integration
    Users can now sync over 1,000+ apps to interact with SimpleTexting. From Shopify to Constant Contact, we’ve loved watching everyone save time with Zapier.
  • Unique link tracking
    We think the ability to see exactly which subscribers clicked on what links AND send custom autoresponders as a result is kind of like magic…but 100 times cooler.
  • API updates
    Since more customers started taking advantage of our API, we created a dedicated page for users to view all calls and added delivery receipts.
  • Toll free advances
    This year gave us the ability to instantly register clients with a toll-free number capable of sending and receiving texts!
  • Business Texting
    SimpleTexting was built for sending mass text campaigns. We’re hard at work on an addition to the platform that is designed to help your business provide better customer service experiences using 2-way messaging. With business texting, you’ll be able to use an existing landline or a new dedicated number.
  • Segments
    Segments make it infinitely easier to add audience targeting to your text marketing strategy.
  • Custom Fields
    We already had the option to store customer data in a few basic custom fields, but this year we expanded this so users can add their own fields!

We Won Some Awards

Of course we don’t do it for the awards, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t just a little excited. The Winter 2019 Report from G2 Crowd awarded us with some pretty exciting titles. Not to mention a few other accolades worth noting:

#1 in Usability Index for Proactive Notification
#1 in Implementation Index for Proactive Notification
#1 in Relationship Index for Proactive Notification
#2 in Small-Business Grid Report for Mobile Marketing
#4 in the Grid Report for Mobile Marketing
A 5 Star Shopper Reviewed Status
Average 5 Star rating from Capterra

We Wrote Some Neat Blogs

Our blogs are inspired by plenty of things. FAQs, industry trends, and our own experiences and interests. If you couldn’t already tell, it’s our passion to help businesses of all sizes flourish. Our blogs are just one way we pour time and energy into making sure you’re well equipped to take on the big, bad, marketing world.

Some of our favorites this year were…

We Worked With Some Amazing Clients

There’s nothing more gratifying to us than catching wind of a client who is using the platform in innovative and successful ways. We love to tell your stories! From nonprofits to e-commerce, this year gave us some of our most interesting use cases to date.

A few stood out in particular…

We’ve Got Some Pretty Exciting Things Coming In 2019

While we can’t tell you everything currently brewing in the SimpleTexting coffee pot, we can give you a little preview of what’s on the horizon. We will say that 2019 will be the year of integrations and customer-driven updates. You can definitely look forward to:

  • Templates arriving soon. Create templates for messages you use often and instantly reuse them.
  • The ability to duplicate campaigns is also arriving soon to help you save valuable time.
  • Expanded MMS capabilities are in the works. Currently, you can utilize MMS in campaigns, but next year MMS will work in places like autoresponders and the inbox!
  • Finally, get ready to see business texting continue to grow. We’re working on refining business texting to help you provide the best experience for your customers, with great new features like enabling for multiple users and numbers!

Still raising your glass? Well, take a swig, because that’s all we can share for now! Thank you again to all our clients for helping us make 2018 so great. To new partners and old, we look forward to making 2019 another banner year.

In closing, the words of Alexander Hamilton (aka Lin-Manuel Miranda):
I have the honor to be, your obedient servant….


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