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The Sexting Obsession in the U.S.

Most people may not admit to it, but "sexting" occurs every day across the United States. Learn interesting facts about sexting trends across America.

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We’re looking at you, California, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, and New York.

People often look to Google for answers. That process might include a few searches here and there that would cause them to turn a bright shade of red if anyone were to see their search history. Men and women often look for ways to communicate with one another better… which is to say, it’s no surprise the search term “how to sext” has a high search volume in a variety of states.

The Top 5 Sextiest States

At SimpleTexting, we’re all about figuring out when people are using their phones to send texts. But on the other hand, we’re interested to know the kinds of things they might text about. Or should we say: sext?

So, who is interested in knowing how to cyber seduce? To get a better idea of where the most sexting interest comes from, we used Google Trends to dig into search history by state of some spicy search terms like, “how to sext”, and “how to get a girl to sext”. The sextiest states were deemed so based on the number of times they searched these sexting queries.

The Least Savvy Sexters Map

Even though not everyone speaks the same love language, they sure want to try. In addition to search terms related to sexting better, we also looked at search data for the queries like “what is sexting” to pinpoint the states that are the most confused about sexting. These less savvy sexters hail from Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Ohio, and New Jersey. They might be confused about how to text the love, but hopefully their searches are helping them get the hang of it.

The 5 Least Sexty States

While some states were searching for ways to better send the love, some states could not care less. The North East has some states who are… shall we say, the least interested in sexting. Maybe they already know how, or maybe they’re texting each other something else. Maybe it’s the cold weather turning down the texting heat, but Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Alaska, and Delaware are doing the least sexting related searches.

And to you, the top five sextiest states… We know those emoticons showing up in your recently used list aren’t actually peaches or bananas.


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