Restaurant SMS Marketing Case Study

restaurant sms marketing for goodfellasBackground:

Goodfellas has been preparing award-winning Pizza in Staten Island since 1992. It’s tasty specialty pizza and authentic Italian food is loved by residents of all five New York boroughs.


Although it’s hard to get a table at Goodfellas for dinner Wednesday through Sunday, the restaurant management saw an opportunity to increase its dine-in and take-out orders during lunchtime and at the beginning of the week through the use of a restaurant SMS marketing campaign.


Build up a list by encouraging customers to sign up for the SMS list during their meal and by advertising in the local newspaper. Then use restaurant SMS marketing to send targeted messages encouraging orders during low-volume hours.


Customers were encouraged to join using three methods. First, they were prompted by their servers as they were handed their bills. Each subscriber would have the opportunity to “save 10% on their next order.” The same offer was printed on every receipt the restaurant issued. Finally, the restaurant took out a quarter-page ad in a local newspaper advertising both their phone number and the opportunity to join a VIP-customer list in order to receive weekly specials and discounts. Once a list was amassed, Goodfellas would send messages twice a week to their subscribers. The first message would notify subscribers of the new specialty dishes that were available that week. The second message would be a coupon for a lunch or dinner special on alternating weeks. Each coupon would go out Monday and expire Tuesday evening.


Over the course of 8 months, Goodfellas would grow their in-house restaurant SMS marketing  list to 637 subscribers, and their 4-week newspaper promotion had generated an additional 542 subscribers. By the eighth month of running the restaurant SMS marketing campaign, Monday and Tuesday lunch orders were generating an estimated 22% more in sales. Dine-in revenue during the 8 months had increased approximately 31% during Monday and Tuesday.