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Reasons Why Your Subscribers May Not Be Interacting With Your Messages

Reasons Why Your Subscribers May Not Be Interacting With Your Messages

It can be frustrating when your text messages just aren't landing. Explore the most common reasons for a lack of customer interaction as well as what to do about it.

You give your customers everything: coupons, flash sales, lightning-fast customer service. And what do you get in return? The dreaded cold shoulder.

It can be frustrating when your subscribers don’t seem to be connecting with your content. But simply shaking up your strategy without a plan of action can wind up putting you right back in the same position.

So, to help you better understand the disconnect between your audience and your messages, we’ll cover the top reasons why a subscriber may not be interacting with your messages, and what to do in each situation.

Top 5 Reasons Subscribers Aren’t Interacting With Your Texts

Across industries and list sizes, there are a few common scenarios that keep subscribers from engaging with your texts. Let’s explore a few of the most common.

1. The Content Isn’t Relevant

The Problem: Oftentimes content stops being relevant to subscribers if a) it’s different from what you promised when they signed up b) it’s material they found elsewhere like your emails or social media pages or c) it’s not personalized to them.

These fractured expectations often result in them texting the dreaded four letter word: STOP.

The Solution: Let your subscribers set your tone. By using built-in tools like Text to Vote Surveys or polling subscribers you can ask new and existing subscribers to vote on the kinds of messages they want to receive and the frequency they’d like to receive them!

If message personalization is something you could improve on, we suggest using custom fields and data collection to learn more about your subscribers resulting directly in more relevant and targeted material.

For example, let’s pretend you’re real estate agent looking for larger turnouts at open houses. You could use polling to find out what’s missing from your events:

Today 10:15 AM
The Reavis Team has 4 upcoming open houses and we want to know what would encourage you to attend?
A. Food/Beverages
B. Q&A w/homeowner
C. Deals for attendees

2. Your Messages Frequency is Off

The Problem: There’s no magic number for messages to send per month. But if you’re struggling to get engagement with your content, there’s a good chance you’re either sending too many or too few messages. Too many messages can make your customers feel spammed. But too few can make you unmemorable and easy to discard.

The Solution: Let your business be the guide. Take the e-commerce organization Global Rose as an example. They recognized that their most popular times of year were holidays, so they increased their message frequency heavily around Valentines and Mother’s day, and decreased significantly outside those windows. There’s no one size fits all approach, but letting your business dictate frequency is the best regulator for frequency.

3. Your Messages Lack a Clear CTA

The Problem: Customers may not be interacting with your content because they don’t know how to! Text marketing works best when your message is accompanied by a clear CTA or call to action.

The Solution: You can’t just say there’s a sale, you have to tell them where to go and what they can buy. Cues like “click here” “sign up for” “check out” “respond to” will give your recipients a better idea of where to make their next move converting your messages into action. An easy way to incorporate measurable CTAs to your messages is by including links out to content. By utilizing our URL shortener, you can track who’s clicked on what and segment your list based on that behavior.


❌Our summer sale is here!

✔️Fall may be here but the cold isn’t. Check out our summer sale markdowns as low as 75% off!

4. You Aren’t Taking The Customer’s Viewpoint

The Problem: You’re writing messages that only serve you, not your audience. If your messages are coming across overly pushy, stiff, and self-serving, you may be driving subscribers away.

The Solution: Your message shouldn’t speak to how you, the seller, see the world. They should instead address what’s relevant to the customer. Re-read your messages and rewrite them as if you were the customer.


❌ Hi Trish, thanks for your interest in SimpleTexting. Our top of the line software engines develop this B2B product for optimum workplace synergy. Want to learn more?

✔️ Hi Trish, thanks for your interest in SimpleTexting. Our product is built to make business to business selling possible in one click. Are you interested in a free trial?

5. Your Messages Can’t Be Understood in 160 Characters

The Problem: You might be reducing your messages down significantly to fit character limits making them difficult to understand. Or, you could be trying to fit too much information in at once.

The Solution: Text messages character limits exist in part to help you keep your messages singular and focused. Be sure that you’re only addressing one topic per message (to avoid confusing, truncated trains of thought).

If, however, you need more characters in order for your message to be clear, take advantage of MMS. MMS is available on every dashboard and offers you 1600 characters to work with! The only difference is MMS costs 3 credits as opposed to 1!

We hope these tips thawed your customer interaction frost enough to start seeing some positive results. To find some additional resources, check out our SimpleTexting vault of Case Studies. Learn from the text marketing best to learn how to make the platform work for you.

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