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7 Common Misconceptions About SMS Marketing

7 Common Misconceptions About SMS Marketing

Why do some marketers fail to see SMS as a calculated and worthwhile investment? Let's debunk misconceptions that can hinder marketing campaigns.

According to the Pew Research Center, more than 95% of Americans own cell phones and, as of 2018, one-in-five Americans are considered to be “smartphone dependent.” These statistics have wildly increased from the first study done just seven years ago when only 35% of Americans owned cell phones. And it’s expected that they will continue to grow.

So, what’s holding businesses back from taking advantage of text message marketing? We’ve set out to clear up a handful of the common misconceptions about SMS marketing and get marketers back on track.

1. It’s intrusive.

This seems to be the first myth that marketers face—the idea that SMS marketing is intrusive. But SMS marketing is actually permission- and consumer-friendly. Given the legalese and policies protecting users’ privacy, customers choose to opt-in and receive text messages from businesses.

That means every text message that’s sent out is sent to a person who wants to hear from a company. They are actively wanting to engage with the brand, and see what companies have to say.

2. It’s ineffective.

In a world of overstuffed inboxes and unseen social media channels, it’s understandable to be wary of ineffective messaging. But text messages actually experience a whopping 98% open rate with generous click-thrus and conversions. This compares to email which, according to Mailchimp, faces around a peak open rate of 27% and a dismal 14.9% at the lowest. SMS marketing makes a brand’s content count.

3. It’s limiting.

Many marketers sweat every space and concern themselves with every character. But, in this fast-paced, just-give-me-the-gist world, consumers tend to prefer the short and sweet of it. A quicker message forces brands to get to the point sooner and that tends to hold the interest of the reader for longer.

Plus, SMS marketing isn’t only about 160 characters anymore. Extended messaging allows for up to 306 characters, so the messaging doesn’t have to be about pick-and-choose. It can be crafted and informative while still exercising some brevity.

Even better, MMS marketing lets you send up to 1,600 characters and include photos directly in the message.

4. It’s complicated.

The simplicity of the message debunked above and set aside—there are some that seem to think setting up and managing an SMS marketing campaign is too complicated. But it’s actually an easy process when using the right company, software and features.

Features like threaded conversations, autoresponders and a simple, easy-to-use interface are must-haves when using text message marketing, but these features are easy to find with a good SMS marketing platform. And they make a world of difference.

5. It’s impersonal.

Although commonly misconstrued as mass marketing, SMS marketing is actually quite easy to tailor to any given audience. Rather than send a dozen vague texts to everyone, marketers can use features like data collection to find out what their consumers are interested in and segment messaging from there. That way every message is sent with intent.

6. It’s untrackable.

Without knowing the extent to which SMS marketing goes, brands tend to draw a quick conclusion that the system is outdated and, therefore, won’t yield the same high-tech results and numbers they’re used to seeing. Charts, graphs—the works.

But through link tracking, use of unique keywords and other intricate metrics, seeing the results is simple. And, as mentioned about, just about guaranteed.

7. It’s expensive.

Given the number of big businesses using SMS marketing to help promote their products, it’s no surprise that pricing poses a problem. But text messaging marketing actually isn’t expensive. In fact, SimpleTexting offers a 14-day free trial that allows businesses to sample our user-friendly platform and get their campaigns off the ground with the support of our staff.

Seriously—no obligations or credit cards. Ready to get started? Sign up here.

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