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Marketing Tips For Musicians

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Learn how to market you and your music to an increasingly digital audience. With tools like social media and text marketing, you can rise above the crowd!

As a musician you probably spend as much time practicing as you do battling the odds. Out of all the aspiring musical artists, 90.7% remain “undiscovered.” 0.9% reach mainstream status, and 0.2% become “megastars.” But as anyone who has ever been passionate about music knows, it’s not always about the fame and fortune. It’s about marketing yourself, and your music, in a way that resonates with your audience.

Breaking through the noise in the music industry is up to you as an artist. The key is exposure. Luckily, in 2019 creating visibility doesn’t require an agent. All you need is a cell phone. And of course a few marketing tips and tricks that the SimpleTexting team can share with you right here. So, who’s ready to rock and roll? (←we hate ourselves for that but we couldn’t resist)

Using Texting to Market Your Music

If you’re unfamiliar with the basics of text marketing, we’ll hit you with the highlights.

  • SMS: aka “Short Message Service.” SMS is the global protocol for sending and receiving text messages. An “SMS message” is just another way of saying a “text.”
  • Keyword: a word or phrase a user texts in order to interact with a text marketing campaign.
  • Short code: a 5 or 6-digit phone number that you can send and receive messages from. You can also text enable your toll-free or existing 10-digit number alternatively.
  • Autoresponder: a message that sends out a set period of time after someone joins your list.
  • MMS: short for “Multimedia Messaging Service.” MMS marketing is similar to SMS marketing, but MMS messages have a longer character limit, and you can enhance them with photos, gifs, audio files, and video files as well.

All of these tools can be an asset to a musician at any stage in their career. Wether you’re just starting out or you’re already gathering a following, you need a way to share your music and messages with listeners. 97% of Americans text at least once a day, and a majority of these people have their phones an arm’s length away. Taking it a step further, 68% of smartphone owners listen to music on their phones every day. Music and mobile devices are becoming synonymous making it the perfect target for your communications.

Sample Texts for Musicians

As great as this all sounds, you may be wondering, “what kind of messages would I even send?” To help give you an idea of the kind of messages that would be beneficial, here are some templates that you can use to get started.

Show Reminders/Promotions

Advertising shows on social media and platforms like Eventbrite is great. But it’s not always the most timely. How often have you logged onto your account only to see you’ve just missed an event you wanted to attend. Or, even worse, not logged on in enough time to notice a change in the schedule. With 90% of all texts read within three minutes, you can be sure you’re getting information about your shows to people when they need to read it!

Today 11:34 AM
Porch 40 fans! Due to the rain, our show has been moved to next Saturday (4/2). We’re sorry for the trouble. – Porch 40

Streaming Announcements

When your new music hits iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, or whatever streaming service you use, you want fans to know about it. As we mentioned before, more and more people are utilizing these services on their cell phones. So, texting out a link is an easy way to allow people to start listening to your music with just a click. You can even segment your subscriber list based on the platform they listen to music on to ensure you send them the most useful link!

Today 9:00 AM
Hey y’all! My new EP, “Outsider” is now available on Spotify! Give it a listen here:

Sell Merchandise

We want you to make some money doing what you love, which is why selling some merchandise might help along the way. 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last 6 months. Once again, make it easier to purchase by enabling it with a single click.

Today 12:00 PM
Have fun at the show last night? So much that you forgot to pick up a t-shirt? Snag one of our exclusive tour shirts here before they’re all gone! Use code “StrongWater19” to unlock the secret site:

Connect With Fans

Taylor Swift—love her or hate her, there’s one thing she’s showed every musician out there, and that’s how to treat your fans. Answering questions and chatting with fans is a great way to build that relationship, but giving out your personal contact information is risky. With SimpleTexting, it’s still you that fans are messaging. Just through a protected number and platform.

Another way musicians can build connections with their fan base is to be transparent and active on social media! Don’t just post the highlights. Share honest behind-the-scenes photos. You can even let fans know where you are and create unique experiences for them, like free pop up shows. Texting is a great way to let people know on the fly where you are. Additionally, with the SimpleTexting app for iOS and Android, you have the ability to send out text blasts on the go!

Today 5:05 PM
Hello Raleigh! We’re stopping into town tonight and we want to meet you! We’ll be at The Treehouses until 10pm, come say hello and maybe even catch some live music 😏!

Run Contests

VIP passes and meet and greets can be a great way to drum up enthusiasm for a show. With text to win, you can entice fans to join your subscriber list and curate excitement for your shows all in one marketing effort.

Today 2:15 PM
Dawes Giveaway CLT

Thanks for entering! We can’t wait to see who wins 2 backstage passes to our Charlotte show. Winner will be announced on 3/23!

No matter how you decide to use texting as a marketing strategy, one thing is for sure: you’ll stand out. The one-on-one relationship you can build with listeners through their phones is both an affordable and effective marketing tactic.

Curious to check it out for yourself? Sign up for a 14 day free trial. No credit cards, no commitments. Just the opportunity to learn how texting can work for you and your music. What are you waiting for?

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