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Using Web Sign-Up Forms

Secure web forms? Yep, we have them … and you can, too!

This quick-start tutorial provides a visual walkthrough so you can create and customize your own web sign-up form in just a few minutes.

Access to Web Sign-Up Forms is granted upon request and subject to verification by our compliance team.

To obtain access to web forms, simply contact us at [email protected]. To expedite the approval process, please be sure that you have a complete, accurate, and verifiable Account Profile.

To edit your Account Profile, simply click on your account name in the top right corner of the Dashboard and select Profile. Update or complete your profile, then save your changes.

Once your request for web forms has been reviewed and approved, follow these steps:

1. From Apps, select Web Sign-Up Forms

Web sign-up forms logo: a green pencil-and-paper icon on a blue background

2. Select Create sign-up form. (If you’ve already added at least one form, you’ll select Add form instead.)

3. Complete the web form template and click Save:

Web form setup inside SimpleTexting with email, first name, and last name options added

Here’s what a web form looks like on the outside:

A SimpleTexting web-sign up form with phone, email, first name, and last name fields

Note that mobile phone number is automatically added to your form as a required field. And, as you can see from the screenshots above, you can add fields for email, first name, and last name.

Pro tips:

  1. You will need at least one subscriber to sign up through your web form before you will be able to choose that subscriber list for message delivery and/or some app-based features.
  2. You can use your web form code directly as a link, in an iframe, or as HTML that can be styled to match your website. Just click on Get code in your list of web forms …

Screenshot of web form list showing the "get code" link

… and you should get a popup that looks like this:

Popup showing web form code for link, iframe, and HTML use

Select the appropriate tab, click on Copy link code, and you’re good to go!

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