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Syncing MailChimp

Looking to sync MailChimp with SimpleTexting? This article shows you how.

First things first: If you haven’t already been approved to use MailChimp, you’ll have to request permission from our Customer Success Team via email or chat (the bubble icon at the bottom right corner of your screen). Before submitting your request, make sure that your user profile contains a valid mailing address and contact phone number, and don’t forget to double check your time zone.

Why’s approval necessary? Because of a little thing called compliance. You can read more here.

Once your account has been approved, you can get started.

1. Log in and go to Apps, then select MailChimp Sync. (It’s the one with the winking monkey.)

MailChimp winking monkey icon on red background

2. Click the Connect now button.

"MailChimp is not connected" notification with "Connect now" button

3. Log in using your MailChimp username and password.

MailChimp login screen for syncing with SimpleTexting

4. After you’re connected, click the green Add new sync button in the upper left.

5. Select the SimpleTexting and MailChimp lists you’d like to sync.

Popup screen with syncing between a SimpleTexting list and a MailChimp list

Make sure you map your MailChimp fields (right column) to the appropriate fields in SimpleTexting (left column).

6. Click Sync Lists.

You’ll be returned to the view below showing your synced lists:

Screenshot of connected MailChimp list with records for latest update and number of subscribers

You’re all set! Happy texting! 😀

Pro tip:

  1. Your MailChimp contacts will receive a confirmation message once syncing is complete. Select the MailChimp setup tab to choose between single confirmation or double opt-in. With double opt-in, subscribers will have to reply Y or Yes to be added to your SimpleTexting list.

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