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How To Rescue Abandoned Carts Using SMS—Without Bugging Customers

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Did you know you can automatically reach out to customers with abandoned carts? Learn all about how to capture your sales before they're gone for good.

According to e-commerce experts, the top 7 reasons why shoppers abandon their carts include:

  1. High shipping costs or unexpected checkout charges
  2. No guest registration/checkout option
  3. Long and/or confusing checkout process
  4. Website errors and crashes
  5. Payment security concerns
  6. Not being ready to make a purchase
  7. Want to save products for later consideration

But as a retailer, the frustration of having a customer so close to the checkout (only to back out at the last minute) is real. These reasons provide clarity, but they don’t tell you how to cut to the root of the issue.

There’s only so much you can do about shipping costs, and website bugs. But when it comes to helping usher customers towards taking the purchasing plunge, we have some excellent texting tips.

How to Rescue Abandoned Carts With SMS

SMS messages are a great way to encourage customers to complete their orders. Not only are they unobtrusive, but they’re far less likely to get lost or ignored among an overcrowded inbox.

Text reminders are a common practice across industries, but they’ve found their perfect match in e-commerce.

There are a few ways you can use texts to help you rescue abandoned carts.

1. Send Friendly Reminders

There’s a chance that carts are abandoned because your customer simply forgot about it. In this case, all they need is a gently reminder to revisit your site. You can use texting as a tool to send these reminders. If you include a link to your checkout page you can be sure to track it to follow through, and tier your responses accordingly to who did or did not take action!

Today 11:34 AM
Josh, we didn’t want you to forget about these awesome items. Click this link and complete your purchase

2. Provide Customers With Coupons

While you may not know why a customer abandoned their cart, approaching the situation with a benefit is a safe way to serve the situation. Offering coupons can cut costs, alleviate tension, and inspire a buyer who might be on the fence!

Today 2:00 PM
Hi Emma! We noticed you left a few items in your cart. We think they’d look great on you, so here’s a code for 10% off! Enter CART10 at checkout to activate.

3. Ask Them if They Have Any Questions?

A customer may love a product, but their lingering questions can cause them to pause on purchasing. Questions tend to result in inaction. Help give your customers the nudge they need by proactively asking them in you can answer any questions about the products in their cart.

Today 4:09 PM
Hey Roger, this is Demi from Green Egg. Do you have any questions about the smoker in your cart? We’re here to help you with all your grilling needs!

In addition to these strategies, here are some other abandoned cart best practices to keep in mind when you’re writing your texts:

  • Have a clear CTA– The heart of your message should always give customers a clear action to take (click this, call this, reply this….)
  • Promote scarcity– Customers abandoning carts implies that they’re okay with the risk of an item disappearing on them. You want to ensure that customers feel a little bit of that pressure by letting them know the item won’t last forever. Come at your customer with an act now approach. Words like “items going fast” and “your cart is expiring” are non-confrontational ways to inspire scarcity.
  • Keep it simple– Your abandoned cart message isn’t the time to push your other sales agendas. You want to keep your customers focused on their one purpose: the abandoned cart.

Rescuing Abandoned Carts With SimpleTexting & Shopify

Thanks to our integration with Zapier, you can integrate your text marketing with all the tools and apps you use to keep your business running.

Shopify, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, works seamlessly with SimpleTexting to automatically generate abandoned cart text messages!

We also integrate with 49 other popular payment processing apps including PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Chargebee. Additionally, over 100 e-commerce tools ranging from ShipStation to eBay are ready to start connecting you with customers from the very first click.

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