How to Grow Your Church With 10 Minutes and $25 Dollars

You may have guessed by our name, but we’re going to talk to you about texting. Specifically, how you can use it to help your church thrive.

If you already believe in the power of text messages, there’s no need to read further. Jump right into the step-by-step video:


But…if you’re like most people you’re thinking…


Text messages? Really?


Yes. We know it sounds a bit weird, but there’s a reason big brands and celebrities are all using text messages to connect with fans.


People always read their texts.


90% of texts are read within 3 minutes.


Your church changes lives. Doesn’t it deserve the same kind of reach?


Of course it does.


Imagine if you could instantly text your entire congregation and guarantee they’ll read your message.


And before you ask—it’s not difficult.


If you can send a text to your friend, wife, husband, grandma or whomever…you can use SimpleTexting to grow your church.


We’ll show you how.


In the video below, we’ll share the techniques our top church clients use to thrive.


You’ll learn how to:

  • Follow up automatically with new guests (yes, automatically)

  • Gather contact info without having to decipher the handwriting on connection cards

  • Get more people to attend your church’s sermons or live streams

    Increase volunteer turnout

  • Bring your ministry’s communication into the 21st century


At this point, it probably sounds like we’re overselling this thing.


We get it. A lot of people say they have the “next best thing.”


But this isn’t new. Texting has been around since the early 90’s and it’s not going anywhere.


This isn’t a fad.


We can prove your church would benefit from this proven digital strategy to connect with members.


And if you don’t believe us, check out what some of our customers have to say:


What’s the catch?


There’s one catch.


When you watch the below video, we’ll ask for your email.


We won’t spam you, promise. We’ll just send you an email asking for feedback on the video and another with some other useful resources.


Okay but how much does it cost?


Our platform was originally built for small, family-owned businesses.


That means it’s literally designed to be affordable, powerful, and easy-to-use.


We believe even smaller churches should be able to use benefit from texting. Not just Fortune 500 companies.


That’s why we offer a 14-day free trial. We don’t even ask for your credit card.


If you see the value—which we’re confident you will—you can sign up for a paid plan for just $25.


Wait, scratch that. $21.25 is the actual price. (We offer a 15% off lifetime discount for churches.)


That’s enough selling. Let’s get right into how this thing works:

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