Branding Tips for SMS Text Marketing Campaigns
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How to Create a Unique Brand Voice in SMS Text Messaging

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Crafting a brand voice is important for all businesses, but how do you create a memorable voice in just 160 characters? Although SMS text marketing messages may be shorter than email marketing campaigns and other business writing, you still want to create a unique tone to engage your consumers. Check out these tips to learn how to impact your customers in just 160 characters.

1. Keep it professional.

Text messages have a reputation for being more informal than other forms of electronic communication. It’s not uncommon to text your friends with one-word answers and to use emojis and text abbreviations. While you may be tempted to use SMS shorthand to maximize your 160 characters, it’s best to save your “BRBs” and “LOLs” for your own time. Instead of thinking of SMS as text messages, think of them as short emails you’re sending your consumers. The rules of netiquette still apply.

2. Set a goal.

With 160 characters, you don’t have a lot of room to spare. Stick to one goal you hope to accomplish with your text message, whether it’s encouraging your consumers to use an SMS coupon or sending an emergency alert about the happenings on campus. If it takes you more than a sentence to describe your goal, consider simplifying it.

3. Befriend your customers.

Your customers are following you for a reason. Chances are, they have an interest in the product you’re selling, and they’re eager to discover how they’ll benefit. Take a moment to visualize the customers you’re targeting. What do they want from your brand? Speak directly to them when you’re crafting your text messages, and make sure to keep your customers’ interests at the front of your mind.

4. Keep it simple.

Even though you want to keep it professional, you also want to create rapport with your consumers. The best SMS text messages are conversational, so feel free to ignore your fifth-grade teacher’s lectures about never ending sentences with prepositions and other formal rules of writing. It’s okay to use sentence fragments every now and then. Consider sticking to smaller words and short- to average-size sentences. Print Wand recommends aiming for a sixth- or seventh-grade reading level for any business writing.

5. Be a copycat.

Don’t be afraid to look at how other industry professionals are branding their voices. Take a moment to search online, and create a list of your favorite brand voices. You may also want to look at these company’s slogans and social media accounts to see how they create messages in limited words. After you’ve compiled your list, try to describe their tones. Are they witty? Informative? Approachable? Pay special attention to the other brand voices in your industry, and think about what makes your product different from theirs. Use your product’s uniqueness to create a fresh, original voice.

6. Enrich your texts.

You don’t have to limit yourself to words and numbers. With Simple Texting’s rich media features, you can also spice up your texts by adding images, coupons, videos, and newsletters. Learn how to send rich media in your texts.

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