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How Text Marketing Can Increase Your E-Commerce Store’s Web Traffic

Learn about the types of texts you can send to subscribers in order to drive traffic to your e-commerce store or landing pages.

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There are approximately 1.3 million e-commerce companies operating within the U.S. and Canada. And while these businesses don’t need to battle for foot traffic, they’re presented with a different challenge—battling for clicks across a global audience.

E-commerce has only been around for a few decades. Still, the way consumers shop online changes every day.

Thanks to smartphones, more than half of internet shopping traffic comes from mobile devices. This creates a prime opportunity to use text marketing as a way to connect with your e-commerce customers and drive more traffic to your web store.

5 Ways to Use Text Marketing To Drive E-Commerce Web Traffic

Text marketing for e-commerce can be used in a variety of ways. However, one of the most prevalent use cases is to drive traffic and sales. See what we mean through the following strategies and tactics.

1. Text Out Links To Your E-Commerce Site

Did you know you can text out trackable links within your SMS and MMS messages? With our URL shortener, you can save precious character space all while enabling valuable analytics.

When you send out links within your texts, you make it easier for subscribers to take action. For example, say you send out a text blast regarding a year-end clearance sale. Your call to action may be something like, “Visit our site hourly for doorbuster deals and freshly updated clearance items!” By including a link to your site within that message, you make it one-click-easy for recipients to take action.

Think about how compelling for your message would have to be if it didn’t have a link. They’ have to their inbox, open an internet browser, and navigate to your site.

Today 3:30 PM
Restock alert! The internet’s favorite socks are back in stock. Shop the new collection before they’re sold out again!

2. Ask For Ratings and Reviews

You can learn more about why reviews are so important to your business here. But a key takeaway is that 84% of people trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. The easier it is for people to leave reviews, the more you’re likely to collect. Texting makes it as simple as possible to click a link or reply with a review in seconds.

Today 11:31 AM
Hi Nate! We hope you’re loving your latest purchase from REI. If you have two minutes we’d love it if you left a review so fellow campers can hear about this product from real customers!

3. Use Texting to Upsell

Texting is a great tool for upselling because it’s casual, personal, and non-pushy. When a customer makes a purchase it’s important to have your next touchpoint in mind to bring them back. Send a “since you purchased X we thought you might like Y” text, to demonstrate value and give subscribers a no-fluff reason to come back to your website.

Today 12:00 PM
Hey Eco-Warrior🌎🌿! Thanks for purchasing the Tiblue Reusable Storage Bags. A lot of customers also buy our washable cloth produce bags. Check them out, we think you’ll love them!

4. Bring Customers With Abandoned Carts Back

Online shopping allows customers to “stay” in a store as long as they’d like. This can, unfortunately, result in a lot of abandoned carts. But those sales don’t have to go to the graveyard just yet. Send abandoned cart reminder texts to bring wayward consumers back to your page.

Today 2:02 PM
Ross, we didn’t want you to forget about these awesome items. Click this link and complete your purchase

5. Start a Text Reward or Coupon Club

Sometimes customers just need a reason to visit your site. And what better excuse to shop than a good discount or coupon? An incentivizing nudge to your site is only strengthened when sent via text message. A channel with some of the most impressive digital click through rates!

Today 11:29 AM
Time for a rainy Seattle treat! Flash sale on all outdoor gear exclusive to our text club! Just enter RAINY20 at checkout for 20% off your order!

General E-Commerce Text Marketing Tips

Generating buzz for your site through text message can be easy and exciting! In addition to the scenarios above, here are some quick tips for your online store’s texting strategy:

And, as always, reach out to any of our support team with any questions. If you have an idea for how to creatively use text marketing your business, we’re ready to help you make it come to life!

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